Essex boom in online extra-marital encounters as snow falls


Since last Tuesday over 25% of signups on the extra-marital dating site have been by those living in Essex, with the majority being women.

The UK’s largest extra-marital dating site,, first noticed the overall increase in daily signups last Saturday, when the cold weather and snow initially hit Scotland and the pennines, a trend that continued on Sunday when another flurry of memberships were created by people based in Newcastle and Leeds.

However, since the snow has blanketed the entire country the trend has shifted and, instead of the majority of signups coming from the north, the majority of activity has been seen in the east.

The top ten counties that had the most activity were the following:

Essex – 26%

Somerset – 13%

Kent – 10%

Shropshire – 9%

Durham – 8%

Pembrokeshire – 6%

Nottinghamshire – 5%

Aberdeenshire – 4.5%

Greater London – 4%

Cheshire – 3%

A spokesperson for Illicit Encounters, Vanessa Philips, says, “We’re surprised by these statistics as previous figures have shown the south west being the ones most likely to stray when the weather turns for the worse. A couple of years ago it was Devon at the top of this table.”

In the past week the site has seen an increase of over 5,000 signups. In January 2010 a similar pattern emerged with a record number of signups reported. Many new applicants joined from Hampshire, Berkshire, and West Country, with more than 900 new members joining from Dorset, Devon and Cornwall in just three days.

“One of the biggest surprises this year was that in many counties the majority of signups have come from women. This could possibly be due to them having a bit of winter blues and are feeling the come down after the hype of Christmas and New Year.

We’ve also noticed this time round that the average length of time people are spending on the site has increased. They’re not just checking their mail and logging out, they are becoming more involved with other members through online chat and site activities.”

*2013 regional signup figures available on request.
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