Women reveal the sexiest male professions


The study asked over 1,500 female members of the UK’s largest married dating website what they thought the sexiest profession was for a partner and why. The top result was revealed to be a musician or artist with 32% of the votes, a profession that embodies passion and creativity, which is in stark contrast to the second highest (24%), which was men who work in the financial service sector, the study describing them as ambitious, confident and intelligent.

According to the study, the least attractive profession was a professional footballer; women viewed them as over-confident, vain, self-absorbed and as having a bad reputation.

IllicitEncounters.com spokesperson Rosie Freeman-Jones commented: “Men think confidence is sexy, what they don’t realise is over-confidence can be incredibly off-putting. Women who are looking for extra-marital excitement are often looking for a man who is as attractive on the inside as they are on the outside. They want some one they can have an emotional as well as physical connection with. It appears that whilst footballers may be attractive on the pitch, off the pitch most women feel they would have little or nothing in common with them. So despite their fame and fortune, most women find their arrogance, and reputation as a real turn off.”

Other professions that made the ‘hot’ list include teachers, doctors and writers/journalists. Teachers were described as inspiring, caring and interesting whilst doctors where seen to be professional, motivated and protective.

Joanne, 39, from London, who uses IllicitEncounters.com to meet married men commented “When I am looking for a potential date I am looking for someone who can provide stimulating conversation, who has intelligence, passion and can be creative, I want a man who is motivated. I tend to avoid the vain egotistical types who are more obsessed with themselves and how they look, nothing is more off-putting than a guy who is full of himself.”

Women also found writers/journalists attractive, describing them as creative, artistic and informed. So, despite not earning a footballers wage they along with accountants, teachers and doctors could be next to attract WAG’s.

Notes to editors


Top 5 Sexiest Professions:

Musician/Artist 32%

Financial Services 24%

Teacher 13%

Doctor 9%

Writer/Journalist 7%

Least Sexy

Footballer 1%

Full results available on request.

*Case-studies available on request


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