Is It Time For A More Progressive Pope?


In an announcement today the Vatican said Pope Benedict XVI would resign as head of the Catholic Church at the end of this month. Pope Benedict XVI took charge of the Catholic Church during difficult times but has stood stedfast with his hard line defence of fundamental Christian values in the face of what he had described as moral decline across much of Europe. Despite this hardline approach and unwavering conservatism during his papacy Catholics have become the most adulterous religious group in the England and Wales according to research conducted by the UK’s leading marital dating site

The number of Catholics actively looking for affairs according to the research done by was almost twice that of other religious groups. The study showed that 21.5% of the 750,000 members on the extra-marital dating site were Catholic, a shockingly high figure since Roman Catholics make up just 10% of the UK population (YouGov & Cambridge University figures).

A Vatican spokesman said that Pope Benedict XVI has taken the decision to retire “aware of great problems the Church faces today”. One of which will undoubtedly be the continuing liberal moral shift, which during the 1960’s had driven him to become a theological conservative, taking uncompromising positions on homosexuality, adultery, women priests and contraception.

Spokesperson for Rosie Freeman-Jones says: “Catholics under Pope Benedict XVI have had a very conservative and uncompromising head of Church, this has had the effect of instilling a sanctity of marriage amongst a generation who are more liberal, leading to a trade off if they become unhappy in the relationship, staying married but having extra-marital affairs.”

It is unclear who will take the papacy after Benedict XVI but a progressive and liberal Pope maybe able to help reunite the Church and curb the falling numbers of Catholics. As it is clear people are becoming more likely to seek a relationship outside of marriage despite religious condemnation.

Religion Illicit Encounters Members England and Wales Public Infidelity Index
Catholic 21.5% 10% 2.15
Presbyterian 1.5% 1% 1.5
Islam 1.5% 1% 1.5
Hindu 0.5% 0.5% 1
Buddhist 0.5% 0.5% 1
No Religion 40% 40% 1
Church of England&Anglican 33% 40% 0.8
Jewish 0.5% 1% 0.5
Methodist 1% 3% 0.3
Adventist 0% 0%

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Benedict XIV: Encyclical Inter omnigenas; Feb. 2, 1743; M 14.

* These statistics are based on the 2011 census and compiled by YouGov in collaboration with Cambridge University. .

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