Neglected Spouses Ditch Their Partners On Valentine’s Day For An Affair


Married people in Sussex have topped the list of the people most likely to ditch their spouses on Valentine’s day. The study done by the UK’s leading married dating site IllicitEncounters.comfound that the residents of Sussex were over 3 times more likely to spend Valentine’s day with their extra-marital lover or mistress than their husband or wife.

The study into Valentine’s day romance also discovered that having been disappointed or overlooked during previous Valentine’s days and anniversaries, dissatisfied married people are pre-emptively signing up to look for a new lover for February 14th rather than just waiting to be disappointed again.

The weekend before Valentine’s day saw a large increase in traffic visiting the site and thousands of new members joining the site looking for a date on Valentine’s day after it apparently became clear that a romantic meal or weekend away was not going to happen.

Spokesperson for Rosie Freeman-Jones said: “Every year we see a surge in the rate of signups shortly after Valentine’s day, however this year we are seeing people who are joining in advance to try and find someone they can spend a romantic night with, rather than just waiting to be let down again as they have in the past. This has been a hot topic on ourletters page with members writing about their plans over the romantic day one member Joshua wrote in to say that he is ‘not going to allow this year’s Valentine’s Day be another miserable reminder of what is and what once was’ and that he is going to proactively look for a date this year. This has gained a lot of sympathy, as well as offers of dates, from other members who have commented on the letter and are in a similar situation.”

The counties containing the married couples least likely to stray from their partner on Valentine’s day are Hampshire, Devon, Cardiff and Bristol, these couples are the most likely to spend the night with their other half and delay seeing their bit on the side until after Valentine’s day.

Rosie added “This should be a cautionary tale to those people who have taken their other halves for granted, that they could be actively looking for romance elsewhere! Also it should offer some comfort to people that if the romance has gone from their relationship, they are not alone in that situation.”

The study also revealed that both men and women where likely to spend almost twice as much on gifts for their secret tryst than their husband or wife, with popular gifts being perfume, trips abroad, champagne or high end electronic goods as offerings to help seduce a new lover.

Full list:

Top 5 Most likely to spend Valentine’s with Lover Top 5 Most likely to spend it with Husband/Wife
1. Sussex 1. Hampshire
2. Lancashire 2. Bristol
3. Surrey 3. Devon
4. Somerset 4. Cardiff
5. Manchester 5. Gloucestershire

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