Top Christmas gifts for a would-be Casanova


Christmas a time for giving and receiving wonderful gifts, but not all gifts are created equal. The UK’s largest extra-marital dating website has surveyed 12,000 of its male members to find out what this years top 5 Christmas gifts for a would be Casanova are, so you can spot if your partner may have a taste for trysts.

Number 5:

Designer underwear, if your partner switches from Next to Armani it may be he has just seen a David Beckam advert and is hoping that his new boxer shorts may give him some killer football skills but it could also be a sign he is looking to show them off and impress someone other than you. 9% of the men on Illicit Encounters admitted to picking designer underwear as a Christmas gift to impress a lover.

Number 4:

Fragrance, it may not seem much but if he switches from Brut to Bvlgari and it’s his choice you may wonder who he is trying to freshen up for. 13% of members relieved that they are hoping to find a top end aftershave in their stocking this Christmas.

Number 3:

The New iPhone, 17% of Illicit Encounters men are after a new iPhone for Christmas. With the vast majority of affairs being discovered by either Facebook or text message having a phone in which only you can unlock with your fingerprint isn’t just a cool feature, it’s the security that our members need to protect their secret romances.

Number 2:

An espresso coffee machine, maybe it is just one to many George Clooney adverts or perhaps instant coffee no longer cuts it. Either-way 21% of members are looking forward to unwrapping a luxury coffee machine, whilst some may believe that coffee is an aphrodisiac, you have to ask yourself why he now has such a keen desire to stay awake?

Number 1:

With 32% of the vote the winner is the iPad. The number one choice was the truly personal computer that you can take anywhere and don’t have to share with the family. It’s by far the most popular Christmas gift and is also a firm favourite with Illicit Encounters with over 60% of the traffic on the site coming from people using a mobile device such as an iPad.

So if your partner has put on his list to Santa a couple of these items you may want to check he hasn’t also asked him to give him a membership to

Christmas Gifts chosen by Illicit Encounters Men Percentage
1. iPad 32.00%
2. Expresso Machine 21.00%
3. New iPhone 17.00%
4. Designer Fragrance 13.00%
5. Designer Underwear 9.00%
Others 8.00%

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