The Great British Bloke Breakdown – Women from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland describe their ideal man


Leading extramarital dating website,, has released its largest ever study into what regional women find attractive in men. Illicit Encounters surveyed 1000 of its female members in each region of the UK, to find out what personality and physical traits they look for in a man.

Scotland: The perfect Scottish man is over 6ft tall, medium build with strawberry blond hair, strong willed and with a sensitive side. The strong silent type whose actions speak louder than words will win the heart of these ladies.

Think: Damian Lewis

Wales: Welsh women are on the look out for a man who averages 5ft 7inches tall, dark haired with a few extra-pounds on for that killer cuddle. A sociable man with a good sense of humour was top of the list.

Think: Jack Black

Ireland: Irish women are looking for a man who is 5ft 10, dark haired with a toned body; they are especially attracted to an intense and brooding personality. Someone that would show them a good time and enjoy an active lifestyle was equally as important as smouldering good looks.

Think: Colin Farrell

The Midlands: These ladies like a man to be man. Strong, reliable, fun to be around and whose girlfriends will love him. Physically well set, averaging 6ft tall, dashing, always ready to jump in and be her hero while being a big softy on the inside.

Think: Idris Elba

South of England: Women in the south of England are especially attracted to men who are approximately 5ft 11 inches tall with a good head of dark hair; they are also looking for a man who is intellectually stimulating and crave a strong mental connection, and admire healthy ambition.

Think: Professor Brian Cox

North of England: Men who are over 6ft and have a strong muscular physique are the most attractive to women in the north of England. They want a man who will cherish and spoil them while being dependable, loyal and hard working.

Think: Chris Hemsworth

Spokesperson for, Mike Taylor commented: “These findings show that across the UK women have very different tastes in the men, and what they find most attractive varies from height to a mental connection. In a relationship where intimacy is no longer present it can make people feel they are no longer attractive – what this study proves is that no matter how unattractive you may feel, you are probably just someone’s type.”

The study also asked the female respondents to rate anonymously what they felt was more important when looking for an illicit relationship: personality or physical appearance, the results where that a staggering 74% of women found personality more important than appearance.

Notes to editors: 
Sample size 1000 female members per region, total sample 6,424.

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