Brit on the Side – Why British women are targeting Irish men to have Affairs with!


The Irish have long been labelled the most attractive people in the world – the funniest, friendliest and most charming race complete with an accent that’s an aphrodisiac abroad, but new research by married dating website has revealed that British women are having affairs with Irish men, for reasons beyond a lilt.

2,000 surveyed women in the UK were asked ‘what’s the best race to have an Illicit Encounter with?’ and out of the thirty race options, including French, Italian, Spanish, Greek and English, Irish came out on top with 23% of votes. The top three reasons were 1) ‘Irish men make me laugh’ 2) ‘Irish men are very discrete’ 3) ‘Irish men are charming.’

Although 460 women said the Irish were the best race to have an affair with, only 11% (50.6 women) would leave their husbands for them. London was the number 1 destination for a weekend rendezvous, with more anonymity in a larger city, while Manchester came in second and Edinburgh came in third.

“The results of this survey are extremely interesting” said Claire Page, spokesperson for Illicit Encounters, “Everyone enjoys themselves around someone who can make them laugh. A sense of humour, which comes naturally to Irish men, is almost irresistible. Charms gets you everywhere! Most people are very good at making themselves look good at dinner parties but Oscar Wilde was good at making others feel good. Everyone wants to feel important and this is exactly what Irish men tend to do – make women feel important. It’s not difficult to see why British women are falling over themselves to have an affair with an Irish man!”

Psychologist Lucy Redford said the Irish were so desirable because they were so attractive, not necessarily because of their appearance – “Good looks are purely physical attributes – in men, it’s a matter of facial symmetry, shoulder-to-waist ratio, height and outward signs of physical health. Attractiveness on the other hand, is about the mind, and how people respond to you. Being attractive is about charisma and the way you make people feel; in fact, a study from Webster University found that it was behaviour that attracted people rather than just physical looks.”

“Another interesting result was that the Irish men came out on top as most discrete,” said Dr. Redford “This could be because they’re less attached to the women they’re having affairs with and discretion could be a natural bi-product of a long-distance relationship.”

40,700 Irish people emigrated in 2014 – a fall from the 89,000 searching for their fortunes abroad in 2013.

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