Accountants Make Best Husbands…to Cheat on!!


New research released today by Britain’s largest married dating site,, shows that women cheat more on accountants than any other profession! When 1,500 female members across the UK were asked ‘What does your husband do for a career?’ the highest percentage of them (13%) said they were accountants.

The top six reasons these women started affairs were:

  • 1)The excitement has gone in our marriage (563 votes)
  • 2)We’ve lost our connection (233 votes)
  • 3)The sex drive has gone in our marriage (214 votes)
  • 4)We spend too much time apart (211 votes)
  • 5)We spend too much time together (196 votes)
  • 6)I don’t feel special to him any more (83 votes)

So why exactly do so many women want to marry an accountant but can’t stay faithful?

“Stability, both financial and personal is the number one thing people seek in marriages,” said psychologist Lucy Redford, “The typical accountant is seen as stable, reliable and responsible. Consciously or sub-consciously, all women seek these characteristics in a mate. The number one reason people stray from marriages is because excitement is replaced by routine, and what was once seen as a spark becomes a chore. Every relationship requires work, but it still needs to be worth working for.”

Claire Page, spokesperson for said “Finding out your partner had an affair isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Oftentimes it brings to the surface the unspoken tensions and problems couples have and when people cheat and are caught, it usually brings about better communication and clears the air.

“Having said that, getting caught shouldn’t be something our customers worry about. Discretion is our number one priority and in thirteen years of being in business, we have yet to hear of a customer who was caught through a membership with Illicit Encounters!”

The top ten reasons the 195 female members said their accountant spouses were good husbands were:

  • 1)He is reliable
  • 2)He earns a good wage
  • 3)My family like him
  • 4)He is good with our children
  • 5)I feel safe when I am with him
  • 6)He’s a good decision-maker
  • 7)He’s intelligent
  • 8)He takes the fear out of money matters
  • 9)He’s a stress-reliever, and helps me make sense of confusing matters
  • 10)He’s ethical and plays by the rules

On the good side, if you’re an accountant and your wife is straying, she won’t let the affair break her marriage, because only 3 in the 195 cheating women said they would consider leaving their accountant husbands!

The UK’s Leading married dating website is the UK’s largest and longest running dating site for married people. With over 970,000 members across the UK, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Established in 2003, we have been providing a meeting place for like-minded married and attached people for nearly 10 years. Our members have one thing in common – they are all looking for a little romance outside their current relationship. Whether that’s the occasional bit of flirtatious chat, a regular coffee date, or a full-blown affair, that’s up to them.

For comments, case-studies or more information contact Claire Page:


Office: 020 7953 7167

Twitter: @illicitclaire

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