Most Romantic Food of all Time: Top Ten Foods that get you in the Mood!


Making someone laugh, being physically attractive and intellectually stimulating are all things we associate with turning someone on but new research by, the UK and Ireland’s largest married dating site, shows that food can be more arousing than any of these. On a first date, good food is almost twice as important as the date’s sense of humour.

500 members on Illicit Encounters were asked ‘what’s the most important thing on a first date?’ The top five answers were as follows:

  • 1)My food is good (32%)
  • 2)My date has a good sense of humour (20%)
  • 3)I look attractive (18%)
  • 4)My date looks attractive (12%)
  • 5)The conversation is intellectually stimulating (10%)

Dietician Nadine Walters said food is so important because it stimulates more of the senses (taste, smell, sight and hearing) than conversation (hearing) or physical presentation (sight and maybe touch). This is a list of her top ten aphrodisiacs and why they turn you on:

  • 1)Chocolate – “Large quantities of chocolate can lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar and a consequent drop below normal levels resulting in fatigue,” Walters said “But cocoa contains phenyl ethylamine, a stimulant that conjures feel-good emotions that makes you feel like getting close to someone and think sex is a fabulous idea.”
  • 2)Red wine – “We all know that alcohol helps you relax and unwind, but red vino contains resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant which helps blood flow and improves circulation before sex which makes you more sensitive.”
  • 3)Asparagus and avocados – “These super-healthy vegetables contain Vitamin E which helps your body produce hormones like oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone, all which circulate in your bloodstream and stimulate sexual responders like the clitoris and the vagina.”
  • 4)Chilies – “Not only do they boost energy, improve memory and even fight fat, they also contain capsaicin, a chemical which boosts circulation to get blood pumping and stimulates nerve endings, which means you’ll feel turned on. Result!”
  • 5)Oysters – “Perhaps the notion of gooey wobbly shellfish being an aphrodisiac is a bit hard to imagine but they’re brimming with zinc, a mineral which increases the production of testosterone, which increases your sex drive.”
  • 6)Bananas – “They give you potassium, a key nutrient to strength, which means when you orgasm, the contractions are very intense.”
  • 7)Pomegranates – “Full of antioxidants, they protect the lining of blood vessels, and improve circulation, which means increased genital sensitivity.”
  • 8)Walnuts – “They’re full of omega-3 fatty acids, which keep sex-hormone production high. Salmon, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sardines and beef also contain omega-3 fatty acids.”
  • 9)Vanilla – “This sweet bean stimulates nerves and makes sexual sensation feel even better.”
  • 10)Watermelon – “This juicy fruit contains phytonutrient citrulline – this leads to an increase in nitric oxide in your body, which causes blood vessels to relax and speed up circulation. What does all this mean? You’ll get more aroused faster.”

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