The First Thing Women do After a Divorce is get a Hair Makeover!


The First Thing Women do After a Divorce is get a Hair Makeover!

The most common first thing a woman does after getting divorced is get their hair done, before calling their mother, meeting up with their girlfriends or going for a drink, according to new research by married dating website Women tend to follow in the footsteps of Cheryl, Nicole Kidman, Michelle Williams and Jennifer Aniston, all whom had hair makeovers after a breakup.

The research, which surveyed 200 divorced or legally separated female members of, also found that women having an affair spend up to three times more on visits to beauty salons and hairdressers than their faithful counterparts – one would guess they want to look their absolute best for their illicit lover.

Women also open up more to their hairdressers than some of their best friends or close family members. 62% of women (124) said they would sooner tell their relationship problems to their hairdressers than their mother, father or siblings. 68% of women said they would tell their hairdressers if they were having an affair before telling their best friends.

The top three reasons were:

  • 1)I get less judgement from my hairdresser.
  • 2)My hairdresser doesn’t know my partner so I can be more honest.
  • 3)They will be more honest with me because they know me but they’re not too close to give me a biased opinion.

More women tend to open up more when they’re getting highlights, treatments or cuts, than when they’re having a blow-dry as they’re not shouting over hairdryers.

Psychologist Lucy Redford said “There is a known psychological effect occurring between a hairdresser and their clients, they offer a non-bias, non-judgment environment which makes women feel comfortable in sharing the secrets. Clients place a lot of trust in someone cutting their hair and there is an extension of this trust when they confide in them, oftentimes telling them things they wouldn’t tell their closest friends or family members.”

However this theory doesn’t convert to men, who are surprisingly more likely to share their innermost secrets with a selected best friend rather than a stranger such as a hairdresser or a barber. Possibly the ‘bros before hoes’ code is still going strong among male adulterers enabling them to feel secure and supported whatever their actions may be.

“It makes perfect sense that women go straight to the hairdressers after a breakup.” Claire Page, spokesperson for said, “There’s something incredibly rejuvenating and reinvigorating about a hair makeover and it’s exactly what you need when you’ve ended something as emotional and physical as a relationship.”

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