The Dirtiest Places Brits Have Sex!


Research released today by, the UK’s largest married dating site, shows just how naughty Brits are and how many of us get in it on in unusual and not always the most hygienic places – 500 surveyed were asked where they had sexual relations. The mile high club is less popular than people think – only 0.4% (2 in 500 people) said they had sex in an airplane; 6% had sex on a train or tube; 34% had sex in a toilet; 5.4% had sexual relations on a bus; 7% got hot and heavy in a tent; 76% had intimacies in a car, while 68% got down and dirty on kitchen surfaces.

Microbiologist Rhiannon Hayes said “The London underground is one of the dirtiest places in Britain. Toilets obviously contain a lot of bacteria but interestingly, we found higher levels of bodily fluid in the disabled toilets than in the non-disabled. Train seats are known to contain traces of semen, faeces, urine, alcohol, blood, grease, human skin, hair and sugar. In terms of household bacteria, the kitchen is a hive for germs. The average kitchen surface has very dangerous bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, salmonella and campylobacter – which can cause paralysis. Tents are also crawling with outdoor bacteria such as Xanthomonas campestris, while cars contain over 600 bugs and ten times more bacteria than a public toilet seat.”

“Presumably more people get it on in disabled than non-disabled toilets because there’s more room,” Claire Page, spokesperson for said, “I don’t see the appeal of intercourse on the tube, but the evidence shows it happens. Apart from anything else, it’s incredibly unhygienic, but when passion is high and alcohol is involved, we all do things that aren’t exactly graceful. It doesn’t surprise me that the mile-high club isn’t as popular as Hollywood movies imply – have you ever been inside an airplane toilet? There’s hardly enough room to move, let alone get it on! The results I found most shocking were the amount of bacteria in cars. People are very conscious of keeping their homes clean but don’t pay as much attention to the interior cleanliness of their cars.”

Less than a third of people (31%) surveyed cleaned their car annually, while one in nine said they didn’t wipe down surfaces, and two in three said they never hoover their car’s interior.

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