You’re caught! The Top Ten Apps that Bust Affairs!


You’re caught! The Top Ten Apps that Bust Affairs!

Married dating site released a list of the top apps that are to blame for breakups. The list was based on votes from 100 women, all who found out their husbands were having affairs on apps.

The top ten adultery-busting apps were:

1) Facebook – The biggest culprit is the social network giant. 76% of women said they became suspicious when they logged into their partner’s Facebook and found out he was messaging other women; stalked his female friends and found out he was still friends with an ex; or saw he had become friends with someone they later discovered he was having an affair with.

2) Whatsapp – 34% of women said their suspicions were raised when they found their husband was in contact with other women, or could see that he was lying about his location, via Whatsapp.

3) i-Message – Any communication through i-Message also goes to your iPad, laptop etc. so if your laptop is at your house, along with your wife, you might get busted. 29% of women said they became aware of their husband’s affair through his i-Message communications.

4) Snapchat – Often mistaken as the best app if you’re having an affair because images are wiped after ten seconds, people forget that you can take a screenshot of your images and that your history shows who you’ve been in contact with. 27% of women said they became suspicious when they saw contact from other women on their husband’s phone via Snapchat – more than half of these women said they would have been less suspicious if they could see what the pictures were, but the secrecy made them more suspicious.

5) Manything – It’s CCTV for your phone, laptop or tablet. It livestreams and records the inside of your house to the cloud. 19% of women said they had caught their husbands cheating or speaking to their mistress on the phone when they were out of the house via Manything.

6) Find my iPhone – This app locates people in seconds so if you leave the house with your phone and you’re not where you say you are, you could land yourself in trouble. 11% of women said they found out their husband was not where he said he was by tracking him with Find my iPhone.

7) Kik – This adult-orientated app has an age restriction, for 17+. More than half of the members (57%) on Illicit Encounters said they use Kik for ‘sexting’ and sending ‘naughty pictures’. 7% of women surveyed said they became concerned about their husband’s fidelity when they saw the Kik app on his phone.

8) Lie Detector: True Scanner app – This is an application that can detect lies through the touch screen and by detecting physical changes in the body of the person being interrogated, such as changes in emotional state, blood pressure, mood detection, finger sweating and finger temperature. 5% of women said they knew their husband was lying about his fidelity when he didn’t pass the lie detector test or refused to take it.

9) Tinder – Discretion is abandoned by anyone having an affair and using Tinder. 4% of women said they doubted their husband’s faithfulness when they saw Tinder on his phone.

10) Find my Friend – 2% of women knew their husband was lying about his whereabouts when this app showed his location to be different to where he said he was.

“What I find most interesting about this list is how obvious some men are!” Claire Page, spokesperson for said, “Discretion is our main priority and the most important thing when having a successful affair. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to be friends with their mistress or histress on Facebook – it’s just asking for trouble. Four in five breakups are linked with Facebook so if you’re having an affair, don’t learn from you own mistakes – learn from other people’s, and keep it off social media!”

Of the 100 women surveyed who found out their husbands were having affairs on apps, 28% stayed with their husbands. The top three reasons these women stayed with their husbands despite being aware of their husband’s infidelity were:

1) I cannot afford to leave him (57%)

2) I am having an affair too (32%)

3) I don’t want to change the family setup (7%)

Therapists at leading charity ‘Relationships Ireland’ say as many as 80% of marriages they are trying to save have fallen apart partly because of Facebook.

According to a study by journal CyberPsychology, 28 million couples break up every year because of Facebook or Whatsapp.

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Established in 2003, we have been providing a meeting place for like-minded married and attached people for nearly 12 years. Our members have one thing in common – they are all looking for a little romance outside their current relationship. Whether that’s the occasional bit of flirtatious chat, a regular coffee date, or a full-blown affair, that’s up to them.

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