Monday 21st of September gets top marks for parents seeking affairs


Every year the UK’s largest extra-marital affairs site sees an increase in parents joining the site on this date and this year is set to be no different.

Dubbed Funday Monday, the 21st of September in particular sees some of the most traffic, with an 8% increase of members joining year on year on this day (2014 vs 2013).

Perhaps we are seeing an increase of members joining around this time as the stay-at-home parent may be feeling lonely without the children or other half around. The school term will have well and truly started and a routine set up, with the lonesome parent stuck at home while their spouse is out working. Maybe boredom has a part to play in parents wanting to play away.

Harriet a member on the site said “I started looking for people to have affairs with after one particularly awful summer holiday. My partner who works full-time failed to see that I was working 24/7 round the clock around our 3 kids – he resented me because he felt that I got to stay at home and do nothing! I resented him for not being able to see the amount of hard work I did put in – ensuring the children were looked after and the house seen to.

Anyway, after a few weeks of the kids being back at school, curiosity got the better of me and I tried After years of dreading the Monday morning alarm to get the children ready for class, suddenly I was waking up with an exuberance of energy – eager to drop them off and go see my lover! The children are still collected on time and dinner is always waiting on the table for when my husband gets home. And although he continues to think I do ‘nothing’, I no longer get upset about it – I would much rather he thought I did nothing than knew what it was that I actually get up to!”

Claire Page spokesperson for said “Although cheating is frowned upon in schools, it turns out the rules don’t apply to parents who are all too eager do the school run – itching for that one step closer to freedom. Whilst the children are busy learning, the parents are taking the opportunity to invest into a little extra-curricular mischief. Can you blame them? Holidays are all about keeping the kids entertained, and with them back in school and the breadwinner busy at work – lonely housewives are getting theirs. After the hustle of bustle of the summer holidays, they deserve it! Don’t you think?”

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