It’s An F for that ASSignment, As Teachers Flunk the Faithful Test

  • Teachers are the most likely to have an affair with their colleagues, a new survey has revealed
  • 27% of teachers admitted to having had sex with a colleague in a classroom
  • Lawyers, pilots and journalists are also among the most likely, with long working hours and work-related stress cited as the main cause of an affair with a colleague
  • 72% of men instigate an affair with their colleague, while women think of other alternatives to “de-stress” before resulting to an affair, adding credence to the idea that men are sleazier
  • The survey of over 1,500 people is brought to you by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity.

There are arguably some lines that should never be crossed, but of those of us that do, teachers sit atop the pyramid of debauchery. The news comes by way of a new survey of over 1,500 people which found the professions that most commonly have an affair with their colleagues.

It is, perhaps rather surprisingly, educators who are the most adulterous among us in this respect.

In second place are lawyers (17%), followed by pilots (13%), journalists (12%) and doctors (9%).

The results are brought to you by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity. Their spokesperson, Christian Grant, explains:

“There’s a line in the sand, but this lot have smashed past it without even so much as a second thought. While you should almost never mix work and play, it appears that those with jobs that, firstly, put employees under extreme duress on a daily basis and, secondly, are in an environment that allows for friendships to be forged and positive bonds to be established… they’re the ones who are most likely to cross the proverbial line in the sand.”

He adds:

“Teachers are now closing the book after another undoubtedly stressful year. Whether they’re stressing over targets, an impromptu Ofsted inspection or their class’ exams, they always have their colleagues’ shoulders to lean on, in what is generally a positive environment.

However, when the work becomes too much, they’re doing a little bit more than just leaning on a shoulder of their colleague, and choose to ‘de-stress’ in other ways.

Then, of course, you have your doctors and your lawyers; the foundations for infidelity remain the same. Long hours, stress and a serious imbalance of work and play.”

The survey also revealed that 27% of teachers had an affair with a colleague within school walls, while 15% of lawyers and 8% of journalists did the same in their respective places of work.

Interestingly, the gender breakdown painted a picture of a different sort, revealing that men are the most likely to make the first move and instigate the affair with their colleague(s).

In fact, the numbers were very much in their favour, with 72% of men assuming the role of the instigator compared to just 28% of women.

Women, meanwhile, are much more likely to pursue other alternatives to de-stress first, before eventually turning to an affair with a colleague.

Grant explains:

“Even in professions like teaching, traditionally dominated by women (particularly in primary education) men are the predators, so to speak. Instead of thinking of alternatives to solve any stress or work related issues they may have, the significant majority think with a completely different organ entirely.

Whether that further adds credence to the stereotypical view that men are sleazier with more of a one track mind, well who’s to say?”

The full results are as follows:

Most Likely to Cheat within their Profession

1.     Teacher (19%)
2.     Lawyer (17%)
3.     Other (15%)
4.     Pilot (13%)
5.     Journalist (12%)
6.     Doctor (9%)
7.     Nurse (8%)
8.     Police Officer (5%)
9.     Event Planners (2%)

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