British Women Describe Their Ideal Man, And Where You Live Can Affect Your Choice Of Partner


  • Over 5,000 women have voted on what they consider to be their ideal man
  • 71% of women found personality to be more important to them than looks
  • Women from London wanted the perfect combination of brains and beauty, while those in the North East found sense of humour to be the most important quality a man could have
  • The results come from, the UK’s leading dating website for married people

While beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder, it seems that women can broadly agree on what they find attractive in a man, if they’re from the same region anyway., the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity, surveyed over 5,000 women from across the UK to find their ideal woman.

The full results are as follows:

London: Londoners want it all: smart, successful and fashionable. A combination of good looks and an adventurous, outgoing personality is a must for any man looking to win the heart of a Londoner.

Think: Harry Styles

The Midlands: “Humourous” and “fun” were the two most popular adjectives to describe a Midlander’s ideal fella. In fact, his personality is far more important than any physical trait could ever be. But, on the looks front, a clean cut guy with a big smile are the biggest priorities.

Think: Vernon Kay

Manchester: A little further north, Mancunians want a passionate lover who can keep up with them in between the sheets. A real gym goer, he’ll take pride in his appearance, with a toned and muscular physique. For a Mancunian, their personality doesn’t matter if they look *that* good.

Think: Channing Tatum

Liverpool: Sweet and generous, Liverpudlians are looking for the kind of man that you’d be proud to bring home to your parents – sweet, humourous and successful. His physical traits are largely irrelevant; if he’s relatively solvent, with the qualities necessary for fatherhood, he’s a keeper.

Think: Jimmy Fallon

North East: Sense of humour is king. Wit, sarcasm and confidence are prerequisites for anyone looking to charm their way to a date with someone from the North East. Couple that with a stocky build and a cute smile, and you’re onto a winner.

Think: Chris Pratt

Ireland: Scruffy, cheeky, and a bit of a livewire. However, that’s nothing that an Irish girl can’t keep up with. It’s not all fun and games however, as he’ll need the brains to prove he’s more than just the class clown, with Irish women having one eye on marriage.

Think: Russell Brand

Scotland: A real man’s man, a Scottish bloke must be decisive and able to take the lead. He’ll be smart, outgoing, and well-groomed. He won’t be averse to a drink or two, either.

Think: Gerard Butler

Wales: More so than anything else, a Welsh lass is looking for loyalty; someone who will gladly sacrifice a night out with his mates to spend time at home with his partner (and, possibly, the kids too). When he does go out, however, he’ll light up the room, and be as confident as he is charming.

Think: Barack Obama

Christian Grant, spokesperson for the site, said:

“While the ideal man differs from person to person, it’s clear to see that there’s some agreement among women who derive from the same region.

“More importantly, it proves that there’s someone for everyone. Even if you don’t tick all the boxes, there’s a good chance that you’re someone’s type – you just need to figure out which one.

“Interestingly, the study also found that if women were forced to pick between brains and beauty, 71%  found personality much more important than looks, with brains trumping beauty.”

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