A Hidden Marital Rule Exists That Allows You to Cheat Once During Your Marriage

  • If you’ve cheated in your marriage, it looks like you may be alright after all
  • A hidden rule exists that allows someone to cheat once during their marriage
  • The rule was discovered by IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading dating website for married people, and confirmed by Reverend Nicolas Doherty
  • Reverend Doherty says that the rule was introduced by the Church of England in 2011, but was kept hidden from the public to avoid encouraging adultery

Struggling with the guilt that comes with adultery? Luckily for you, it seems that all is forgiven in the eyes of God.

IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity, can reveal that there is, in fact, a rule in one’s marriage, set by the Church of England,  that allows you to cheat, albeit only once.

The rule states as follows:

‘The sin of adultery is permissible once during one’s marriage, with the person who has committed the act not needed to ask Him for pardon or forgiveness.

‘Multiple transgressions, however, are deemed unacceptable in His eyes and through the eyes of the Church.’

Upon discovering this, IllicitEncounters.com sought to reach out to the Church of England for clarification.

The rule was passed in 2011 by the General Synod – the legislative body of the Church of England – and parliament.

Reverend Nicolas Doherty, an ordained minister for over 25 years, says that the introduction of the rule was purposely kept hidden from the public eye, as the Church fears that public knowledge of said rule would encourage and result in an increase in infidelity.

He says:

“The Church has begrudgingly loosened its hardened stance on infidelity, especially in the last few decades. While we by no means encourage it, there has been a slow acceptance of the ubiquity of adultery.

“This Church Measure, therefore, was introduced by the General Synod, pardoning those who are found guilty of infidelity once during their marriage.

“While a married couple will only swear by their marital vows and Declarations under the eyes of God, with no mention of the Measure, it is considered to be applicable to all marriages since its introduction in 2011.”


IllicitEncounters.com is the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity. With over 1,000,000 genuine UK users since 2004, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

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