This Friday Is ‘Unfaithful Friday’, The Most Popular Day Of Winter For Affairs

  • 80% of adulterers surveyed see their extramarital partner on Unfaithful Friday.
  • Of those polled 45% have booked a getaway with their lover.
  • 35% of respondents will spend the whole weekend with their lover.
  • Taking a business trip is the most common excuse used with 40% using work as a cover
  • Activity on married-dating website goes up 30% for the week leading up to Unfaithful Friday.

Cheating peaks on the UK’s most popular day of winter for infidelity. This year ‘Unfaithful Friday’ falls on the 23rd of November, when adulterers plan to have their last illicit encounter of 2018 with their extramarital lover.

A staggering 8 out of 10 adulterers surveyed indicated that they have plans to meet up with their mistress or histress on Unfaithful Friday. More cheaters meet up on this day than on any other day of winter. For many adulterers, Unfaithful Friday is the last time they will be able to see their secret lovers this year, before the festive period fills their time with family, and other obligations that run into the new year.

Almost half of the respondents have booked the evening away, with romantic city breaks being the most popular choice for those cheaters having their final get together of the year. London tops the list of destinations followed by Paris, and finally Edinburgh completes the top 3.

Beware if your partner is talking about a business trip this Friday, 2 out of 5 cheaters polled use this excuse to have overnight stays away from home.Catching up with friends was the second most popular excuse used.

The weekend also sees higher than average numbers with 35% of those surveyed intending to spend the entire weekend with their lover.

Communication activity on the site typically spikes by 30%. More messages are exchanged on during the week leading up to Unfaithful Friday, than on any other week of the year.

The annual survey was conducted on 1000 members of, the UK’s leading dating website for married people.

Spokesperson for, Christian Grant explains:

“Over the Christmas period there is very little free time for most of us. It’s hard enough to make time for extramarital activities without having to think about all of the obligations that come with Christmas. It makes sense that so many adulterers choose to have a final romp before being overwhelmed by the season’s obligations.”

“While London might not be the most romantic city in the world, it is hardly surprising that it topped our list of popular destinations. There are hundreds of hotels to suit all tastes and budgets. It’s the business hub of the country making it easy to use work as the perfect cover to spend a night in the city.”

Top Getaway Destinations

  1. London (22%)
  2. Paris (14%)
  3. Edinburgh (12%)
  4. Cornwall (10%)
  5. Lake District (9%)
  6. Coastal Towns (7%)
  7. Brussels (5%)
  8. Berlin (2%)
  9. Other UK (11%)
  10. Other Europe (8%)

NOTES TO EDITOR is the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity. With over 1.2 million genuine UK users since 2004, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Established in 2004, we have been providing a meeting place for like-minded married and attached people for nearly 14 years. Our members have one thing in common – they are all looking for a little romance outside their current relationship. Whether that’s the occasional bit of flirtatious chat, a regular coffee date, or a full-blown affair, that’s up to them.

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