Your Spouse Splashing Out On Lavish Gifts Could Be A Sign That They’re Cheating On You

  • 85% of adulterers admit to spending big on Christmas.
  • Two out of five men opt for designer jewellery as the top gift for women.
  • Top gift for men is new gadgets or tech.
  • Only 49% of adulterers get their extramarital partner a gift.
  • Results come from recent survey of 1000 adulterers on, the UK’s leading married-dating website

Flashy gifts are nice to receive, but they could be a sign that your partner is cheating on you. A staggering 85% of cheaters admit to spending big on Christmas because they feel guilty for their affair. Only 3% of adulterers go all out on expensive gifts because they enjoy it.

A recent survey conducted with 1000 members of married-dating website has revealed the most popular gifts bought by cheaters this festive season.

Designer jewellery topped the list of most popular items bought by cheating husbands, followed by designer fragrances, and then designer fashion.

Cheating wives favoured new gadgets, with one in three getting their spouse a new tech toy. Designer brand underwear also made the list with 20% indicating they bought their husbands posh briefs.

A little under half of those who responded to the survey will get their extramarital partner a gift this year as well.

Top Gifts Given by Men

  1. Jewellery (36%)
  2. Fragrances (14%)
  3. Designer Fashion (11%)
  4. Handbags/Accessories (10%)
  5. Gadgets/Tech (8%)
  6. Gifts under £100 (7%)
  7. Spa/Beauty gifts (6%)
  8. Other (8%)

Top Gifts Given by Women

  1. Gadgets/Tech (33%)
  2. Designer Underwear (20%)
  3. Designer Clothing (18%)
  4. Grooming Gifts (10%)
  5. Fragrances (9%)
  6. Jewellery (3%)
  7. Gifts under £100 (2%)
  8. Other (5%)

Robert, 58 from Norwich, a member of told us, “I do love my wife and getting her something really nice for Christmas makes me feel a bit better about going behind her back to get my thrills.”

Spokesperson for Christian Grant explains:

“We wanted to know what kind of gifts cheaters favour this festive season and it turns out that guilty pockets are quite deep.”

“Both men and women spend big this season, so if your spouse has got you something you weren’t expecting and they’ve really splashed out, it might be time to dig a little deeper into what they are doing with their spare time.”


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