Britain’s top ten sex fantasies are revealed

* Results are from a new survey of 2,000 people by, the UK’s leading dating site for married people

More than half of women have fantasized about having sex with an ex-boyfriend while making love with their current partner, according to a new survey.

The encounter women are most likely to revisit in their head is sex with their first love, with 38% saying they have done this.

Less than quarter of women (24%) feel guilty about these reminisces – with the majority (76%) seeing it as part of life.

Slightly fewer men have sex with the ex in their heads.

Half of men (53%) have fantasized about past sexual encounters while having sex with their partner.

The first love was the most common sexual fantasy, chosen by 23% of men, and only 16% of men felt guilty about their behaviour.

The results come from a new survey of 2,000 people split evenly amongst men and women by, the UK’s leading website for married people.

It looked at the top ten fantasies which people have when they are having sex with their current partners.

Women reminiscing about sex with a former partner was by far the most popular fantasy, with 57% saying they have done this.

The second most popular fantasy for both women and men was recalling a sex scene they have watched on TV or online, chosen by 40% of respondents.

In third place was sex with a celebrity, chosen by 38% of respondents – slightly more popular with women (40%) than men (36%).

The fourth most popular fantasy was a previous sexual encounter with their current partner – with 36% men and women regularly revisiting a particularly passionate former act of love-making.

Sex with a stranger came in fifth place on 29% – more popular with men (31%) than women (27%).

A sexual encounter with a work colleague was the sixth most popular fantasy – chosen with 27% of men and women.

Sex with a friend came seventh with 25%  – more popular with women (27%) than men (23%).

Group sex was the eighth most popular fantasy with a score of 19%  – chosen by far more men (25%) than women (13%).

In ninth place was sex in a public place, chosen by 14% of respondents, and sex with someone in authority such as a police officer or traffic warden came tenth (11%). spokesman Christian Grant said: “What this new sex fantasy research shows is that the grass really is greener for a lot of couples who like to reminisce with fondness about past sexual encounters even when they are having sex with their current lovers.

“Sex has become routine for far too many couples and they are choosing to spice things up by starting an affair not just in their fantasies but in reality, too.

“They are hooking up with former lovers on social media sites such as Facebook and using dating sites such as to meet like-minded people for discreet affairs.”

More than one million people have registered with since the site was started more than ten years ago.It is enjoying a bumper start to 2019 with registrations up 25% in the first six weeks, as increasing numbers of unhappy spouses act on their New Year’s Resolution to shake up their relationship by starting an affair.

Britain’s top ten sexual fantasies revealed

  1. Sex with the ex – 55%
  2. A sex scene on TV or online – 40%
  3. Sex with a celebrity – 38%
  4. Sex with my current partner – 36%
  5. Sex with a stranger – 29%
  6. An affair with a work colleague – 27%
  7. Sex with a friend – 25%
  8. Group sex – 19%
  9. Sex in a public place – 14%
  10. Sex with someone in authority – police officer or traffic warden – 11%

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