Having More Than One Baby Likely To Result In Adultery

  • Don’t want your partner to cheat on you? Stop at baby number 1 – brownie points if it’s a girl
  • 86% of adulterers cheat after having child number 2
  • Men with daughters are far less likely to stray with only 23% admitting to cheating
  • 39% of parents have affairs because they need an escape
  • Results are from a survey conducted by UK’s leading married-dating website IllicitEncounters.com

Only 14% of cheats have one offspring, revealing that stopping at baby number one could be the answer to longevity in monogamous relationships for first time parents.

Results are from a 2019 study conducted on 2000 members of IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading dating site for married people.

Men are most likely to cheat on their partner if they have become bored with sex or because of the lack of sexual activity in their relationship. However, the study also discovered that men with daughters living at home are less likely to stray then men with no children at home or only sons.

The report revealed that it made little or no difference to female love cheats whether they had sons or daughters, however women were slightly more likely to cheat on their partners if they had no children at living at home with them.

The poll discovered that of all the men who have indulged in extra marital affairs only 23% of them had daughters living at home. Compared with 46% of men who had strayed who had no kids at home when their affairs began and just 31% of male love rogues who had only sons living with them.

The figures were quite different for women where the report finds that women are far less likely to stray if they have children living at home.  Of those women surveyed who have ever strayed, only 32% had children living at home. 68% of female love cheats only strayed when they had no kids living with them. Having sons or daughters living at home did not factor into women’s decisions about having affairs – 16% of those surveyed had sons.

Sarah a member on IllicitEncounters.com said ‘They say threes a crowd, try four. One baby, two toddlers and one teenager, and that’s not counting my husband who sometimes feels like another big kid. I love my family; I really do and there was a time I was very happy with my husband. We used to have adventures together, and when we had our first daughter life felt complete. It was busy sure, but in amongst the nappy changes and the sleepless nights we still found time for each other. Then came baby number 2, 3 and 4 – and poof goes my identity.

No romance, no candlelit dinners, no weekend city breaks. The only communication I have with my husband these days is to ensure the smooth running of our family schedule. That’s why I’ve chosen to have a secret life and seek out pleasure. My other man makes me feel desired again, something I have craved for such a long time. I can be Sarah – the woman, not just mum.’

Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com Jessica Leoni said ‘Want more than one baby? You’re asking for an affair. Baby number one is the Golden Child, a whole new love bubble that you can share with your significant other. If you want to have a more satisfying relationship, having one child gives you a better chance to put effort into you and your relationship.

Raising more children results in higher stress levels and less alone time with the hubby, it’s more demanding but less exciting because you’ve done it all before. Men and women are finding that having an affair is the only way to escape from parenthood and feel like themselves again.

The only exception is if a man has daughters living at home. Men are far more likely to consider their daughters feelings above their wives when contemplating affairs because of possible long-term emotional effects on their daughters.’


Top 4 reasons for parents cheating

Need an escape 39%

Lack of sex in marriage 33%

Lack emotional intimacy in marriage 22%

Other 6%



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