Polish are top European love cheats

•         More than a quarter of European adulterers in the UK are Polish
•         19% of the Irish population in the UK and 14% of Romanians are cheating
•         Greeks are the most faithful European nationals in the UK
•         Data released by IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading dating site for married people

Could adultery have a nationality? Statistics released by Illicit Encounters gives insight into 2500 of its non-British EU members, revealing the nationalities most likely to be having an affair in the UK.

More than a quarter of adulterers in Britain are of Polish descent (26%)

According to the Office of National Statistics Polish is the most common non-British nationality in the UK since 2007, making up 15% of the total non-British residents* indicative as to why there may be more Polish cheating compared to other non-British nationals.

Second non-British EU national cheating in the UK is Irish with 19% and Romanians come in third place at 14%

The results found that Greeks represent the most faithful non-British EU nationals with only 1% currently having an affair in the UK, followed by Estonians (2%) and Danish (2%)

Lukasz a male member from Poland using the site said “Yes, I am Polish. Yes, I am having an affair. What is the big deal? In my culture we marry young, we have family – divorce is not an option. Most men in long-term relationships, no matter the nationality – are cheating or being cheated on. That is just the state of affairs.”

Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com Jessica Leoni said “There is a lot more Polish in the UK than any other nationality, and why should they be missing out on all the fun? Poland has strong traditional values, especially when it comes to family – and we do find a lot of people cheat as an alternative to divorce, ensuring that families remain together. Europeans in general have much more liberal views when it comes to sex and relationships and the Polish are no different.

Why aren’t the Greek cheating? Perhaps they’re more willing to put up with unhappy marriages. Or maybe they’re simply following the advice of Socrates who is credited with saying “by all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you will be happy. If you get a bad one, you will be a philosopher.’”

Poland 26%
Ireland 19%
Romania 14%
Italy 8%
Spain 7%
France 5%
Portugal 4%
Germany 4%
Slovakia 3%
Finland 3%
Denmark 2%
Estonia 2%
Greek 1%
Other 2%

*Office of National Statistics – Population of the UK by country of birth and nationality



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