Sexiest Halloween Costumes 2019

• Harley Quinn voted hottest Halloween outfit for women
• Joker voted sexiest Halloween outfit for men
• Witches and Scarecrows make least sexy costumes
• Survey conducted by the UK’s largest extra-marital dating site, the UK’s leading dating website for married people, surveyed 1000 of its male and female members in search for the sexiest Halloween costumes of 2019 and the results are in.

If there was a prize going for best Halloween costume it seems the villainous couple Joker (20%) and Harley Quinn (17%) top the charts.

The study also reveals the devil (14%) is set to get men horny this Halloween.

Dracula came in second place for sexiest male costume with 13% of the vote.

Least spellbinding ensemble for women goes to the witch (1%) and the pumpkin (2%).

For men the scarecrow (1%) and Jigsaw (2%) outfits are the least sexy.

Zara a female member on said “Halloween is all about sex appeal. Witches and cats are super lazy and unoriginal. Personally, I love pulling out all the stops, I’m talking apocalyptic, death-defying, seductive, zombie warrior princess! Let’s get a little bloody and gory in 8-inch heels and stockings, who doesn’t love playing dress up? It’s just a bit of adult fun.”

Spokesperson for Jessica Leoni comments “The Joker with Harley Quinn by his side is a given this Halloween. The recent Joker movie has broken box office records as highest grossing R-rated movie ever – and for good reason. The outfits can also be easily replicated with a bit of home DIY so it’s super easy to get involved.

Dracula coming in second place is unsurprising, a staple on Halloween. There’s something supernaturally appealing about vampires, the cape with the fangs, and promise of immortality. Dracula is just inherently sexy.

I was expecting the devil to come in high for women, the outfit is provocative.I’m visualising red corset, miniskirt and fishnets with shiny red stilettos –horns on the head and a devilish fork – why, hello princess of darkness.

Nobody wants to see men dressed as scarecrows on Halloween, this isn’t Wizard of Oz. And I think I’m with the men when it comes to witches, it’s just such an uninteresting costume”


Sexiest Female Halloween Costumes
Harley Quinn 17%
Devil 14%
Zombie 13%
Vampire 11%
Scary Nurse 9%
Bunny 8%
Cat 6%
Corpse bride 4%
Pirate 4%
Clown 3%
Skeleton 3%
Ghost 3%
Pumpkin 2%
Witch 1%
Other 2%

Sexiest Male Halloween Costumes
Joker 20%
Dracula 13%
Scary Doctor 10%
Zombie  9%
Devil 7%
Frankenstein 6%
Reaper 5%
Beetlejuice 5%
Pirate 4%
Clown 4%
Pumpkin 4%
Skeleton 3%
Ghost 3%
Pinhead 3%
Jigsaw 2%
Scarecrow 1%
Other 1%

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