Cheaters less likely to forgive an affair

•         8 out of 10 adulterers would divorce their partner if they discovered their partner was also cheating
•         Over half of adulterers would rather be lied to about their partners infidelity
•          More people agree watching pornography is worse than flirting
•          Study released by the UK’s leading dating website for married people

2000 members on extra-marital dating site were polled on whether they would forgive their partners infidelity, as it turns out a whopping 8 out of 10 spouses agree they would leave their partners upon discovery of their indiscretions.

The results also indicated that cheaters would prefer not to know if they are also being cheated on, with 58% agreeing they’d much rather be left in the dark. Suggesting that cheating is OK if it’s kept under wraps.

100% of those surveyed affirmed that physical intimacy is considered being unfaithful, as well as cyber cheating (94%)

More members agreed that watching pornography is to be considered unfaithful (21%) compared to only 14% agreeing that flirting is unfaithful.

Erica a member on said “I’m having an affair for attention; my husband of 14 years now genuinely believes quality time together is watching the telly on a Saturday night. I love my husband and would never leave him but when your husband treats you with indifference what more can you do? I could literally walk into the room naked and he wouldn’t notice.  So yes, if I found out my husband’s lack of attention towards me was being bestowed upon a mistress, I would certainly up and leave”

Olivia another female member using the site said “I’d rather he was having an affair, that I never found out about. What I have outside of my marriage is just a bit of fun and excitement and I’m careful to keep it separate, I don’t want to break up my marriage. Some may call it double standards, but if he was out sleeping with other women and foolish enough to get caught – I’d feel more disrespected that he couldn’t keep it a secret. Have a little flirt if you have to – just be discrete about it.’

Jessica Leoni, spokesperson for said “It takes a lot to reach that point of realisation that you require more from life than your marriage is capable of providing.

Many people find solace and happiness in extra-marital relationships, but fundamentally treat it as a secret escape, separate from the day-to-day grind of their full time lives. Which comes as no surprise as to why cheaters would prefer not to find out that their other half was also having an affair, c’est la vie! If it’s kept secret it can’t hurt anybody.

What is a little shocking is that so many adulterers would file for divorce if they found out their partner was cheating, it seems the discovery is more painful than the act itself though – so we always recommend hiding your tracks.

On the plus side, flirting is okay! For banter’s sake.”


Do you consider the following to be unfaithful?
Physical Intimacy – 100% agreed
Cyber cheating – 94% agreed
Sexting – 86% agreed
Emotional cheating – 74% agreed
Watching Pornography – 21% agreed
Flirting – 14% agreed


NOTES TO EDITOR is the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity. With over 1,000,000 genuine UK users since 2004, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Established in 2004, we have been providing a meeting place for like-minded married and attached people for nearly 12 years. Our members have one thing in common – they are all looking for a little romance outside their current relationship. Whether that’s the occasional bit of flirtatious chat, a regular coffee date, or a full-blown affair, that’s up to them.

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