Boris Johnson Voted Most Bed-able Politician

· Boris Johnson voted most bed-able politician
· Adulterers would divorce their partners for Green party leaders Jonathan Bartley and Siân Berry
· Politician we’d most like to avoid is Nigel Farage
· Poll run by IllicitEncounters.comthe UK’s leading dating website for married people

With politics in disarray and nobody quite sure what’s going on with Brexit, one thing is for certain that the race for a seat as a member of parliament has become a popularity contest.

Who to trust to lead our country into prosperity? put the vote to 1200 of its members with a slightly different kind of poll – asking who they would like to cheat with, divorce their spouse for or avoid. Afterall, cheating and politics has often gone hand in hand.

The poll indicates most women would cheat with Boris Johnson (47%) and more than half of men would be unfaithful with Jo Swinson (51%).

Both Green Party leaders won the divorce spouse for category. Jonathan Bartley came top for women (35%) and Siân Berry for men (22%).

More politicians then ever ranked high in the avoid category with Nigel Farage scoring the highest with 82% of women choosing to avoid him, closely followed by Jeremy Corbyn 74%, Arlene Foster 71% and Nicola Sturgeon 65%. Such high avoid scores suggest that our collective impression of politicians, in general, currently fairs quite low.

Full details of winners are listed below:

Have an affair with

Boris Johnson
Marital Status: It’s Complicated

“The Tory leader has set pulses racing as the most bed-able politician in the upcoming elections. No surprise there, Bojo oozes irresistible charm and he can make a woman laugh – humour goes a long way. Some might even say, one minute you’re laughing, next minute your clothes are off! Boris is a man of his word, or lack thereof, regularly avoiding an interview with Scottish broadcaster Andrew Neil – making him a very discrete affair candidate. Women are safe in the knowledge he can keep things under wraps – including how many kids that he’s fathered.

We can all agree Bojo is a bit like marmite, whether you love him or hate him – it’s safe to say he does attract a lot of attention. Who knows, perhaps Boris could even teach us a thing or two about pole dancing, what a tease.”

Jo Swinson
Marital Status: Married

“Jo Swinson is a natural affair-seekers choice. She is genuine, full of life and inspirational, with a charming Scottish accent to boot. She is also the youngest and only female to ever hold the position of leader of the Lib Dems – this kind of ambition is very attractive. Jo is relatively new to the role, but there is no disputing, that the Swinson Surge truly extends to who voters would most want to cheat on their spouse with.”

Would have a divorce for

Jonathan Bartley
Marital Status: Separated

“Oh, Jonathan. The co-leader of the Green party, and a born and bred Londoner, it is no surprise many women have voted to leave their husbands for him. Jonathan is irresistible, good-looking, with a cracking smile and confidence without the cockiness. To top it off he’s in a band! No matter the age, women will always fall at the feet of a Rockstar. Jonathan is the drummer for the blues rock band the Mustangs and even played Glasto a couple of years ago. Swoon.”

Siân Berry
Marital Status: Single

“Miss Berry the Green goddess, eco warrior once described as ‘environmental viagra’. A blonde, blue eyed beauty – with a lovely smile, not only that but Siân is smart and articulate – it is unsurprising men are drawn to her. Siân embodies the epitome of a strong and confident woman.”


Nigel Farage
Marital Status: Married

“Leader of the Brexit party, Nigel is not winning any popularity contests anytime soon. Mr. Farage gives off a demeanour of a villain with controversial views on firearms and immigration. He simply does not appeal to women for any type of romance.”

Arlene Foster
Marital Status: Married

“The northern Irish politician ranks highest in the avoid category for men. Being a married mother of three could easily contribute to her lack of sex appeal for men.”

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