You’re Caught! The Top Ten Apps that Bust Affairs!

* Apple users most likely to get caught cheating
* Second and third place are Facebook and Whatsapp apps 
* Adulterers have even been caught cheating by smart speaker Alexa
* Survey conducted by the UK’s largest extramarital dating site surveyed 500 of it’s female members who have previously caught their husbands cheating on apps!

Turns out you’re most likely to get caught cheating via iMessage (23%), followed by Facebook (18%) and Whatsapp (14%).

Shockingly there’s even a chance you can get caught cheating by your smart speaker, with a handful of affairs busted by Alexa (1%).

Apple users beware – the top app to bust affairs is the iphone’s iMessage app – which is often linked to multiple devices such as ipads, laptops or even apple tv. Apple fans need to take note of where their messages are going to – and how easily these can be accessed. 23% of women have caught their partners cheating via iMessage.

Facebook is a minefield for infidelity, with 18% of women catching their husbands out via Facebook. Leaving your Facebook logged in and unattended can be a grave mistake around suspicious partners. This type of infidelity is opportunistic and convenient – and more often than not is with somebody you already know. 52% of women who caught their partners cheating on Facebook admitted to personally knowing their husband’s lover.

Whatsapp may seem like a good place to have illicit chats – keeping conversations segregated from your normal mobile text messages, however, a whopping 14% of women have caught their partner cheating this way. If you don’t securely password protect your phone or switch off notifications and hide your apps – a quick Whatsapp stalk and any naughty messages can easily be discovered. 

Tinder is the obvious app to catch a cheat, with 13% of affairs being busted by Tinder – having this app on your phone when you’re in a committed relationship is a cause for concern. Perhaps a smaller number of people get caught this way because they hide the app well in secret folders and have good password security on their phones.

Adultery on instagram is ripe, with 11% getting caught this way. Not only is it easy to spot when your partner has been liking other womens pictures, it has an inbuilt chat interface that can get you in trouble. A favourite of a younger demographic, more than half of the women who discovered their husbands illicit antics on instagram are under 35 years old.

A number of philanderers have had their love affairs exposed while on a Zoom call! 

Zoom, a popular video app, has seen a peak of registrations since lockdown, with many companies utilising Zoom for work meetings. We recommend Zoom for work, not pleasure, as 7% of cheating men have been caught this way.

Messages on snapchat may seem discrete, one minute they are there, next minute they are gone! Snapchat allows users to send pictures or videos which once viewed will self-destruct and disappear off your phone forever – that is, unless you screen grab them. Some husbands just can’t help themselves, and several wives have found shots of ladies on their phones from snapchat. 

Snapchat also has a snap maps feature that can track your partners location, another sure fire way to catch them cheating. You can even check who your partner has been snapchatting with the most with friends’ emojis – if it’s regularly with an unfamiliar lady this is sure to set off alarm bells. 6% of affairs have been busted by snapchat.

Find my friends
Find my friends is a tracking app – used to easily locate your friends or family. A favorite for parents wanting to keep tabs on their teenage kids, it’s also one of the top apps for finding cheating husbands. 4% of men have actually been caught in the act this way.

Kik is the favorite app for adultery, a previous study on confirmed that over half of users (57%) have downloaded Kik to chat to their lovers. Surprisingly only 3% of men have been caught cheating on Kik by their wives. 

Alexa has made our lives easier in many ways, with voice activated technology allowing us to play music, movies, order a take away and even turn the lights on. Now, Alexa can go one step further and uncover a love rat! A wife can see what calls have been made directly through Alexa, a call search can quickly reveal the phone number of their husbands’ mistress. 

Alexa has another unique way of revealing an affair, one woman discovered her spouse’s infidelity by playing back audio recordings through Alexa, and hearing her husband’s lover giving voice commands in the recordings. 1% of wives have uncovered adultery through Alexa, low chance of getting caught this way, but possible nonetheless. sex and relationships expert Jessica Leoni said “Apple users need to be extra careful when chatting to their mistress’ via iMessage – messages can easily show up on multiple devices – which really puts you in the danger zone. It’s recommended to stick to more discrete ways of communicating, password protect or hide apps and use aliases for your lovers instead of their real names..

If you want to have an affair it’s also best to keep it off social media – friending your lover online is way too conspicuous.”

Percentage of Affairs Busted by Apps 

iMessage 23%

Facebook 18%

Whatsapp 14%

Tinder 13%

Instagram 11%

Zoom 7%

Snapchat 6%

Find my friends 4%

Kik 3%

Alexa 1%

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