Cheating Could Cause a Second Spike!

* 41% of adulterers set to book sex-getaways from the 4th of July
* 16% of love rats have no qualms about meeting more than one household for affairs
* Over half of those surveyed are not socially distancing when meeting lovers
* Study conducted by the UK’s largest extramarital dating site

Can you expect cheaters to stick to the rules? Love rats across the UK shun guidelines for intimacy – amidst the pandemic. A British legal firm has seen a 42% increase in divorce inquiries* since restrictions began, indicating that marriages are becoming unbearable in lockdown, these relationship breakdowns are making the need to cheat prevalent.

With lockdown restrictions easing this weekend, predicts cheating may cause a second spike.

600 members of the site were surveyed regarding how they are managing their affairs, and their feelings about dating during the covid-19 outbreak.

82% of adulterers admit to feeling less lonely since the lockdown restrictions have eased.

54% admit they have not been socially distancing when meeting.

A whopping 41% of adulterers are looking to book a staycation in the UK with their mistress or histress.
16% of adulterers admit they have no qualms about meeting more than one household for affairs.

33% of affair seekers already have a date planned for next week when restaurants and pubs are open.

72% of affair seekers are aware they are breaking guidelines to cheat.

83% think the reward of having an affair far outweighs the risk of contracting covid-19.

22% of cheats have self administered coronavirus tests to check they are in the clear before seeing their lovers.

England’s Chief Medical Officer, Christ Whitty has recently warned that “If people hear a distorted version of what’s being said, that says ‘this is all fine now, it’s gone away’ and start behaving in ways that they normally would have before this virus happened, yes, we will get an uptick for sure.”

Not everyone seems to be clear on what you should and shouldn’t do in the current climate. With many affair seekers choosing to cheat at this time, adultery could possibly contribute to a spike in coronavirus cases.

Gabrielle, a female member using said “I’ve been really well behaved during this lockdown, and feel it’s finally time to reward myself with a holiday in the countryside with a married man I’ve been seeing. I’m separated so I don’t need an excuse, and he’s just told his wife he’s visiting family in the area. I like dating married men because I don’t want the commitment of a full time relationship”

Emma, another female on the site said “My situation is different in the sense that I live with the person I’m cheating with. I’m in a long distance relationship with my partner who lives in Canada, and we’ve had no way of seeing each other for over 4 months. Me and my housemate really got on, and being cooped up inside all this time, well, things happen. I don’t regret it, I’ve been starved of intimacy so it’s been really great to have a physical relationship again. I still love my partner in Canada, and plan to reunite with him as soon as I can. I’ll obviously be keeping this affair a secret, the last thing I want to do is hurt him.”

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationships expert at said “It’s interesting to see how affair seekers have continued to keep the spark alive in their relationship. I am delighted to hear that those who are lonely or disheartened at home are able to get some fulfillment from talking to their lovers, communication is truly important right now. Although, we do advise to listen to government guidelines on our website and if meets are unavoidable to adhere to social distancing – we must all practice staying safe.

Lockdown has caused many of us to make sacrifices, and despite the stigma associated with affairs – they are just as much a relationship as any other, and a lot of our members have been lacking that connection for a very long time.”

*Co-op Legal Services 2020

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