Women Vote Blue Eyes as Sexiest Feature on a Man!

*  Eyes are the sexiest feature women look for in a man
*  Dad bods are in, and six packs are out!
*  Shockingly veins make it into the top 10, and hands are not sexy at all
*  The results comes as part of a survey of 1200 people on lllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading extramarital dating site

Eyes come in top place with 15% of the vote for sexiest feature on a man. With more than half of women agreeing that blue is the most attractive eye colour (52%). Perhaps the attraction to somebody’s eyes is more prevalent now we’re seeing so much of them behind masks.

Nice lips comes in second top feature (12%), followed by a strong jawline (10%).

Dad bods come in at 9th place with a respectable 6%, compared to only 2% of women voting for a man with a six pack (14th sexiest feature overall).

Veins are worth a mention, coming in at 10th place and 5% of the vote.

Hands come in last with only 1% of the vote.

Jessica Leoni sex and relationships expert at IllicitEncounters.com said “It’s all in the eyes, blue eyes in fact! Lips are sexy, so is a strong jawline – the face is winning prizes out here. 

What’s also interesting is dad bod is listed in the middle, compared to a six pack which is second to last on the list. Dad bods are comforting and homey, whereas a six pack is just intimidating. Nobody fancies a man who counts calories.

Who knew veins were so important? They are a sign of strength and health, and women are attracted to strong men.

Lucky for those with ugly hands – it seems they’re not important at all.”

Members of IllicitEncounters.com have voiced their opinions:

Louisa, 34, Bradford
“The first thing I notice in a man is their eyes, especially blue. You get lost in that ocean, and then boom, you’re in love, spellbinding. What is even coming out of his mouth? Who cares, his eyes do all the talking!”

Charlie, 39, London
“You can tell everything about a man just by looking into his eyes, they’re the window to the soul. The next best thing for me is veins, I know it’s a tad weird, but I find something really masculine and sexy about prominent veins.”

Kathleen 43, Bristol
“Six packs are not attractive to me, they just scream high maintenance. I prefer someone who’s a little more round in the middle – someone I can enjoy eating with.”

These are the qualities that women find most sexy in a man.
Eyes 15%
Nice Lips 12%
Strong Jawline 10%
Facial Symmetry 9%
Eyebrows 8%
Muscles 8%
Cracking Calves 7%
Broad Shoulders 6%
Dad-Bod 6%
Veins 5%
Haircut 4%
Body hair 3%
Nose 2%
Six Pack 2%
Hands 1%
Other 2%

What eye color is most attractive in a man?
Blue 52%
Green 30%
Brown 13%
Other 5%


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