UK’s Sexiest Politicians For 2020 Revealed

* Rishi Sunak and Lisa Nandy top annual list of UK’s sexiest politicians
* Boris Johnson no longer found sexy, compared to 2019 when the public voted Boris most bed-able politician
* Conservatives Michael Gove and Theresa May voted as least desirable UK politicians
* Conservatives are the overall sexiest males and Labour are the sexiest females 
* Poll comes from 2000 members on the UK’s leading married dating site 

Politics has become a bit of a laughing stock in recent times, with nobody quite sure what is going on, one u-turn after another, after another. At least one thing’s for certain and that’s who is crowned sexiest politician in the UK 2020. 

The recent survey was conducted with 2000 adulterers on, the U.K’s leading dating website for married people. Spokesperson for, Jessica Leoni has compiled and commented on the results below:

In the men’s category, Rishi Sunak has been voted the number one sexy politician of the year with over a quarter of the vote (26%). Nicknamed Dishy Rishi for his ongoing financial support of the public and businesses and coming up with novel ideas to kick start the economy. Our Chancellor is confident and decisive which exudes sex appeal, coming in first place puts him in the lead as potential next Prime Minister in our eyes.

Keir Stamer, the leader of the Labour party comes in second place (21%).

Third place goes to Conservative backbencher, Tobias Ellwood (18%). Ex-army captain in the The Royal Green Jackets, he has that military man vibe – strong, powerful and protective. A man in uniform – simply irresistible. Not only that, but he was hailed a hero for his bravery in the 2017 Westminster Bridge terrorist attack.

Conservative’s Dominic Rab comes in 4th place (13%), with rising star James Cleverly, also Conservative, taking the fifth spot (7%).

Lastly, Labour’s Ed Milliband is in 6th place (6%). A familiar face in politics and loser of the 2015 election, the public still appear to have a soft spot for this bacon sandwich munching politician.

In the female category, number one sexiest politician goes to Labour’s Lisa Nandy (24%). She is genuine, kind and sports a girl next door look which men find extremely appealing.

Labour’s Rosena Allin-Khan comes in at a respectable second place (20%). Rosena has won the hearts of the public recently with her work in St Georges Hospital in Tooting, putting in 12 hour shifts since the start of Covid-19, alongside her duties as an MP and shadow minister. 

Liz Kendall, Labour’s recently promoted shadow minister for social care comes in 3rd (18%) Previously linked with dating Taskmaster and Inbetweeners star Greg Davies.

Dawn Butler, a Labour party politician, comes in 4th place (16%), followed by Conservative Ester McVey in the 5th spot (12%).

Nicola Sturgeon, first minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National party makes 6th (4%) sexiest female politician overall. Scotland’s female braveheart, Nicola Sturgeon is a passionate and dedicated leader, caring more about the people than the economy. 

Participants of the survey were asked to vote for their least sexy politicians. Least sexy male politician goes to controversial Conservative Michael Gove (23%), the latest politician to have a puppet designed after them in the satirical show spitting image. Michael Gove contended that he is ‘incredibly flattered’ by his puppet version of himself in a news interview, though we cannot imagine what is so flattering about a face made out of genitals.

Conservative’s Matt Hancock, our Secretary of State for Health and Social Care comes in at second place (20%) for least sexy male politician. With his terrible handling of the coronavirus outbreak, his fanbase has not only diminished but he has become rather disliked, even an NHS executive has called him out saying “I have never seen such an empty vessel as a cabinet minister”.*

In third place comes Jeremy Corbyn (18%) – although his anti-semitic behaviour alone puts him number one in our minds.

Boris Johnson comes in at 4th place (14%).The public have lost confidence in our Prime Minister, after countless u-turns amidst the pandemic. Last year Boris was voted most bedable politician with a whopping 47% of people agreeing, now the UK has done a u-turn on Boris.

Nigel Farage, who has recently relaunched the Brexit party as Reform UK comes in 5th place (13%), followed by Liberal Democrat Tim Farron in 6th place (9%) overall.

In the female category, least sexy politician award goes to Theresa May (30%) – say no more. 

DUP’s Arlene Foster comes in second (22%) and in third (17%) is the shadow chancellor Anneliese Dodds, Rishi she will never be.

4th place (11%) least sexy female politician goes to our Home Secretary, Priti Patel, who famously suggested building an asylum processing centre on Ascension Island, a 9 hour flight away. I’ll just leave this one here to sink in.

5th least sexy female goes to Labour’s Angela Rayner (9%), followed by Diane Abott, also Labour, in 6th place (7%).


Sexiest Male Politicians

Rishi Sunak 26%

Kier Stamer 21%

Tobias Ellwood 18%

Dominic Raab 13%

Other 9%

James Cleverly 7%

Ed Milliband 6%

Sexiest Female Politicians

Lisa Nandy 24%

Rosena Allin-Khan 20%

Liz Kendall  18%

Dawn Butler 16%

Ester Mcvey 12%

Other 6%

Nicola Sturgeon 4%

Least Sexy Male Politicians

Michael Gove 23%

Matt Hancock 20%

Jeremy Corbyn 18%

Boris Johnson 14%

Nigel Farage 13%

Tim Farron 9%

Other 3%

Least Sexy Female Politicians

Theresa May 30%

Arlene Foster 22%

Anneliese Dodds 17%

Priti Patel  11%

Angela Rayner 9%

Diane Abott 7%

Other 4%


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