Unfaithful Friday 18th is Upon Us – Day Chosen by Cheats to Celebrate Cheatmas!

* Friday 18th is Unfaithful Friday, the top date chosen by cheats to celebrate Cheat-mass! 
* That means it’s the single biggest day a married person is likely to get cheated on this winter
* The week of Unfaithful Friday see’s 30% more activity on married-dating website IllicitEncounters.com than any other week in November and December
* A survey of 600 adulterers found that 69% have plans to meet their mistress/histress on Unfaithful Friday
Christmas is a time for celebration, and adulterers join the party by setting an annual date to toast Cheat-mas with their affair partners. This year ‘Unfaithful Friday’ falls on the 18th of December, when adulterers plan to have their last illicit encounter of 2020 with their extramarital lover.
Has your spouse made plans this Friday? Careful… they may be cheating on you!
The week of Unfaithful Friday see’s 30% more activity on IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading married dating site, than any other week in November and December, as married men and women look for a last-minute romp before they return to their otherwise dull marriage.
In a survey of 600 members on the site who’ve already found themselves a mistress or a histress, a whopping 69% plan to sneak away on Unfaithful Friday for one final rendezvous before the year’s end.
Flashy gifts are nice to receive, but they could be a sign that your partner is cheating on you. 82% of the 300 cheating men that took part in the study admit to spending big on Christmas because they feel guilty for their affair. The top present gifted at Christmas to wives is jewellery 33%, followed by gadgets/tech (19%)
Paula, a member using IllicitEncounters.com, said ‘It’s the last weekend I can get away from my husband and kids, and have some adult company. The winter break is torturous, I’m so busy decorating the house, shopping for presents, trying to make everything fun for everyone, that there’s very little fun left for me. Giving myself a much needed break before the chaos, makes it all a lot easier to cope.’
Leo, another member using the site said ‘I’ve been having an affair with an extraordinary woman for 6 years. Some time ago we started having our own festive fun in the week leading up to Christmas. Wine, food, swapping gifts, it’s become tradition.’
Jessica Leoni, sex and relationships expert at IllicitEncounters.com said ‘I’ve checked the list twice, and there’s plenty of naughty affair seekers on it!

With Unfaithful Friday upon us, there is good reason to have your guard up, there’s more than covid to worry about as love rats race to celebrate Cheat-mass. I’d also be worried about being gifted the new iphone 12 for xmas, with tech and gadgets making it in the top 6 gifts choices for wives of adulterers.

Of course crimbo cheats are at it right now, they need to catch a break. I need a break from my family, and they haven’t even arrived yet. We can all relate. I hope Cheat-mas brings everyone some much needed Christmas cheer.’

Top Gifts Given by Men

Jewellery (33%)
Fragrances (15%)
Handbags/Accessories (13%)
Designer Fashion (10%)
Gifts under £100 (6%)
Other (4%)


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