If Your Partner Spends Big This Christmas, They Could Be Cheating On You

 * 81% of adulterers admit to spending big on Christmas
* Jewellery is the number one gift for women
* Top gift for men are new gadgets or tech
* Results come from recent survey of 600 adulterers on IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading married-dating website
Want to know if your husbands been naughty or nice this year? You can tell by what present they give you this Christmas. The more lavish the gift, the higher the chances are they’re cheating on you!
A staggering 81% of cheaters admit to spending big on Christmas because they feel guilty for their affair. Only 9% of adulterers go all out on expensive gifts because they enjoy it. 
A recent survey conducted with 600 members of married-dating website IllicitEncounters.com has revealed the most popular gifts bought by cheaters this festive season.
Jewellery (33%) topped the list of most popular items bought by cheating husbands, followed by gadgets/tech (19%), and fragrances (15%).
Cheating wives favoured new gadgets/tech, with 37% getting their spouse a new tech toy. Designer brand underwear also made the list with 23% indicating they bought their husbands posh briefs, followed by fragrances (13%).
The average price spent on spouses by love rats in 2020 is £625. 

Men (6%) are more likely than women (1%) to spend under £100 on their spouse this Christmas.

Alexander, a member using IllicitEncounters.com said ‘I love my wife, I’m just not in love with her anymore. She is a wonderful partner and a fantastic mum, and I often feel a guilt-trip coming on for having an affair. I’ve spent over a grand on her alone this Christmas – as a token of my affection – to show my appreciation for the great job she does for our family. Perhaps it does ease the guilt a little.’

Helen, another member on the site said ‘I’m getting my fella the playstation 5. Honestly, it isn’t even guilt for me – we do alright financially, and I want to give him a nice present. With him spending more time playing video games, it’ll also be easier for me to sneak away and see my lover. Kill two birds with one stone, merry christmas!’

Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com Jessica Leoni explains:

‘It seems guilty pockets are pretty deep! With adulterers spending in excess of £600 to quell their sins. I’d be pretty worried if I was presented with the new Playstation 5 or the latest iPhone 12 this year as gadgets/tech both make it in the top 2 for men and women.

Naturally cheats spend big during Christmas from adulterous guilt – it’s a sure fire way to rid those guilty feelings.’

Top Gifts Given by Men
Jewellery (33%)
Fragrances (15%)
Handbags/Accessories (13%)
Designer Fashion (10%)
Gifts under £100 (6%)
Other (4%)

Top Gifts Given by Women
Gadgets/Tech (37%)
Designer Underwear (23%)
Fragrances (13%)
Grooming Gifts (10%)
Designer Clothing (8%)
Other (5%)
Jewellery (3%)
Gifts under £100 (1%)


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