It turns out brunettes have more fun than blondes

* A shocking 1 in 3 women who cheat are brunettes
* 2 in 5 men agree brunettes make the best lovers
* Ironically, more than half of men think that blondes are the most attractive, compared to any other hair colour
* Study conducted by the UK’s leading dating site for married people

Contrary to popular belief, it’s really brunettes that have more fun, not blondes!

Out of a sample of 2000 female users on, the UK’s leading dating site for married people, more brunettes than any other hair colour are looking to cheat!

33% of women in the sample are naturally brunette.

Compared to 28% who are blonde, followed by 25% with black hair, and 9% with grey hair.

Red heads are the most faithful with only 5% looking to have an affair.

The study also found that, from a sample of 200 women, 19% admit to dying their natural hair colour blonde, compared to just 15% of women dying their hair any other colour, suggesting that women believe blonde is desirable. Some iconic blondes include Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly.

They’re not wrong, out of 800 men surveyed, more than half of men (51%) find blondes to be the most attractive.

Red heads came in second most attractive, with 18%, followed by women with naturally black hair with 15%.

Brunettes didn’t even make the top three, landing in fourth place with 14%, followed by women with grey hair (2%).

Despite being less attracted to brunettes, a whopping 41% believe brunettes are better in bed than any other hair colour. 

Reasons given for this were that brunettes are more ‘adventurous’, and ‘open minded’ in between the sheets. Famous brunettes include Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley, and Kate Middleton – The Duchess of Cambridge . 

Blondes come in at 26%, with men stating that blondes are ‘enthusiastic’, and ‘eager to please’. Famous blondes include Scarlett Johansson, Carey Mulligan, and Kate Winslet.

Women with black hair come in at 18%, and are deemed to be ‘dominant’, and ‘kinky’. Famous celebrities with black hair include Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Connelly and Rihanna.

Followed by red heads (12%), with whom getting intimate is described as ‘passionate’ and ‘sensual’. Famous redheads include Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, and Nicole Kidman. 

Bad news for silver vixens, as grey haired women rank last at only 3%, with men describing them as ‘experienced’, but ‘demanding’. Famous grey haired women include Meryl Streep, Nichelle Nichols, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

62% of men said they have a preference of hair colour, however as much as 37% said they tend to date someone that isn’t their type when it comes to this preference.

Freddie, a male member using the site said “I prefer blondes, but I always seem to end up with a brunette. I’m physically more attracted to a blonde, but the connection always feels a bit superficial. Brunettes have more substance, better chat, and keep me more on my toes. Looks can only get you so far.”

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationship expert at said “Brunettes everywhere are having the last laugh! Not only are they killing it in the bedroom, men agree that brunettes are adventurous and open minded, two qualities that support evidence that more brunettes have affairs than any other hair colour. 

No doubt blondes get more attention, as over half of men find them to be the most attractive. Maybe this fact contributes to them making less exciting lovers, if blondes expect men to fancy them, perhaps they don’t bother so much with flirting, which is needed to let sparks fly, and in order to create a build up to mindblowing sex!

Shame that silver beauties are judged so harshly. If a grey haired lady wants to appease a man, it may be worth getting the hair dye out – the question is, do you opt for bleach, or colour? ”


Hair colour of women on the site
Brunettes 33%
Blondes 28%
Black hair 25%
Grey hair 9%
Red heads 5%

Most Attractive as voted by men
Blondes 51%
Red heads 18%
Black hair 15%
Brunette 14%
Grey hair 2%

Best in bed as voted by men
Brunettes 41%
Blondes 26%
Black hair 18%
Red heads 12%
Grey hair 3%

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