UK’s Sexiest Over 60’s Men 2021 Revealed

* Sean Bean tops annual list of UK’s sexiest men over 60
* Followed by Pierce Brosnan and Denzel Washington
* Harrison Ford is the oldest sexy over 60 at 78 years old
* 53% of women agree men look better with age, 82% prefer to date someone older than them
* Poll comes from 1000 members on the UK’s leading married dating site 

It’s said that men age like fine wine, and the proof is in the pudding!, the UK’s leading dating site for married people, polled 1000 women to find out who they find sexy over 60, and here are the results.
Spokesperson for, Jessica Leoni has compiled and commented on the results below:

Shaun Mark “Sean” Bean, an English actor, has been voted the number one sexiest celebrity man over the age of 60 2021, with 19% of the vote. At 61 years old Sean is the second youngest in the poll. Sean has played a variety of goodies and baddies on screen, such as Ned Stark in Game of Thrones (2011), or more recently Mr. Wilford in Snowpiercer (2021) – his fan base is diverse. Sean is a vision of traditional masculinity, rugged and strong, with the impression he is powerful and brave – it is no surprise women find him irresistible. 
Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan, internationally acclaimed James Bond star, wins second sexiest (16%). At 67 years old Pierce is the epitome of class, scrubbing up exceptionally well in a suit. Pierce has timeless good looks, he is very suave in an old fashioned way – of course women would be attracted to this traditionally handsome man.
The dashing Denzel Washington, a Hollywood icon, claims 3rd sexiest (13%) at 66 years old. Famous for movies such as Malcom X (1992) and The Equalizer (2014). Denzel has boyishly striking features, and seems to have not aged a day in the last decade. With his chiseled physique, and seductive charm, of course women are pining for him.
Fourth place goes to Tom Hanks (9%), star of classics such as Forest Gump (1994) and The Green Mile (1999). This American heartthrob holds up very well at 64 years old. Let’s just say, Forest if you have to run, run right this way…
In fifth place is English musician Sting, at 69 years old (8%), ex lead singer of the band Police, best known for their signature number one hit written and performed by Sting Every Breath You Take (1983) – a song which went on to be recognized as the most played song on the radio of all time in 2019 by Broadcast Music, Inc.
6th place goes to good old Arnie (7%), 73 year old Austrian-American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, notorious for his role in the Terminator (1984) franchise. Currently the Republican governor of California, clearly this politician has brains as well as beauty. 
Liam Neeson, at 68 year old, takes 7th place (5%); Northern Irish actor, known for movies such as Schindler’s List (1993) and Taken (2008). Shortly followed by 65 year old, American actor, Bruce Willis in 8th place (4%) star of critically acclaimed films such as Die Hard (1998), The Sixth Sense (1999) and Looper (2012).
Hunky Harrison Ford, American Actor and environmental activist, comes in 9th sexiest overall (3%), at 78 he is the oldest celebrity to make it in the top 10.
Last but not least is 60 year old, actor and stand up comedian, Damon Wayans (1%). The youngest in the poll. Damon is known for his stint on Saturday Night Live (1985), as well as multiple television shows including My Wife and Kids (2005).
53% of those polled agree that men get better looking with age, and a further 82% of women said they prefer to date someone older than themselves.

Sexy Over 60’s

Sean Bean 61 –  19%

Pierce Brosnan 67 – 16%

Other 15%

Denzel Washington 66 – 13%

Tom Hanks 64 – 9% 

Sting 69 – 8%

Arnold Schwarzenegger 73 – 7%

Liam Neeson 68 – 5%

Bruce Willis 65 – 4%

Harrison Ford 78 – 3%

Damon Wayans 60 – 1%

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