Doctors and Bartenders are Hot, Coppers are Not – Sexiest Professions Revealed!

* Doctors have been voted the sexiest profession in annual survey

* Bartenders and CEOs rounded off the top 3, followed by footballers and firemen

* Sexy policeman fantasy quashed, as policemen receive a mere 1% of the vote

* Government officials rank second to last with only 3% of women finding them sexy

* Results come from a study conducted by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people 

A doctor, a CEO and a football player walk into a bar, aren’t you spoiled for choice., the UK’s leading dating website for married people, surveyed 2000 women to discover which male profession is the sexiest in 2021. 

Sex and relationships expert for, Jessica Leoni has compiled and commented on the results below:

Doctors scrub up well with nearly a quarter (24%) of women voting this profession as the sexiest of all. 

Those who enter the field of medicine tend to be compassionate, skilled and very clever – qualities that women find attractive in a man. Add to that an earning potential of five times the average salary – hard to resist. No doubt doctors have won the hearts of many in the last year with how well they have handled the challenges of Covid-19.

Bartenders, who prescribe a very different kind of tonic, sent pulses racing with 19% of the vote. You might be spilling more than a drink at the bar with lonely patrons spilling their hearts out, bartenders are often free therapy for those in need. Good looks and a listening ear are a recipe for attraction. The masses have largely missed the public house bartender with all the lockdown restrictions – so it’s great to see them come in second sexiest overall. 

CEO’s take third place with 15% of the vote, suggesting business men are quite the catch.

Fame and fortune fares well with footballers scoring a handsome 9%, and 4th overal sexiest profession. Football has caused quite a stir recently with the controversial European Super League, though evidently this has not dampened a footballers sex appeal. 

The fireman fantasy is well and truly alive, in fifth place, as 8% of women have the hots for a sexy firefighter.

Teachers come in 6th place (6%), followed by builders in 7th place (5%).

Suprisingly personal trainers score low in the list, coming in 8th place with only 4% of women voting this profession as sexy. Perhaps women feel intimidated by the excessive fitness that comes with a chisled physique.

Government officials rank second to last in 9th place with only 3% of the vote. Suggesting politics is not that sexy afteral.

Contrary to popular belief, policemen are not that desirable, coming in 10th and last place with a mere 1% of the vote. With overall confidence in the police dropping year on year since 2017, as reported by the ONS*, it appears less women find this particular man in uniform appealing. 


Sexiest Professions 2021

Doctor 24%

Bartender 19%

CEO 15%

Footballer 9%

Fireman 8%

Other 6%

Teacher 6%

Builder 5%

Personal trainer 4%

Government official 3%

Policeman 1%


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