Flirty Forties – The best time to have sex!

* The best time to have sex is in your 40’s, even if you’re having less of it!
* Quality trumps quantity over sexual satisfaction, with only 12% of people voting sex in your 20’s as the best – even though it’s the time people have the most sex
* Study conducted by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people

Life truly does begin in your forties, your sex life at least!, the UK’s leading dating website for married people, surveyed 2000 members and found that 41% of people agree that the best time to have sex is in your forties!
Top reasons given for this were, ‘feeling comfortable in your own skin’, ‘knowing exactly what turns me on’ and being ‘open to adventure’ in the bedroom.

Although the public voted their 40’s to be the best time to have sex, they were not having a lot of it, with only 13% of people stating this decade as the one they had the most sexual liaisons. Clearly quality trumps quantity when it comes to sexual satisfaction.
The next best age is 30 with 28% of the vote. Followed by the frisky 50’s with an honourable 17%.
Sex in your 20s scored shockingly low, with only 12% of respondents agreeing that their 20s were the best age to get busy with it, only 60’s (1.5%)  and over 70’s (0.5%) fared worse.
Twenty year olds hit the peak of their sexual liaisons when it comes to the amount of sex they’re having with a whopping (43%) agreeing that their 20s were when they had the most notches on the bedpost.
500 members in the sample were also asked what makes a good sexual partner and the top five reasons given were ‘confidence’, ‘communication’, ‘foreplay’, ‘experience’ and ‘open mindedness’. 
Jessica Leoni, sex and relationship expert at, said “People are having mind blowing sex in their 40s! Why? They had their peak of promiscuity in their 20s, often succumbing to substandard sex while learning the ropes, quite literally, experimenting in some bondage play perhaps – before concluding that wow, ropes and whips do not excite me. 

In their 30s they begin to transition from having lots of sexual partners, to having less, but better quality sex – beginning to understand what sort of pleasures delight them.

Then BAM you’ve hit your 40s! You are fully aware of what tickles your fancy and are at a stage where you have stopped caring about what other people think. You’re more confident in yourself and your body and are unabashed when it comes to communicating about your fantasies and fetishes. This confidence partnered with being wiser about who you choose to be intimate with – guarantees for much more satisfying sex.
Nobody wants to go back to fooling around in their twenties, it’s awkward, insecure and lacks experience.”

What is the best age to have sex? 
40s 41%
30s 28%
50s 17%
20s 12%
60s 1.5%
70+ 0.5%

When did you have the most sex in your life?

20s 43%

30s 35%

40s 13%

50s 6%

60s 2.5%

70+ 0.5%

What makes a good sexual partner?




Open mindedness

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