Mayday – Cheat Alert: Rapid Surge in Adultery!

* 36% increase in affair seekers in the first half of May  – more love rats looking for an affair than any other time of the year thus far
* Bored housewives make up 63% of registration surge
* Chaos on cheating website on the 17th of May as staff pull extra shifts to cope with new registrations
* Warm weather in June and restrictions easing likely to take the numbers even higher, with married-dating website forecasting a 72% increase in cheating by the summer

Cheating explosion in May as nationwide restrictions are easing.

This is the first time in 17 years that May has seen a dramatic spike in cheats flocking to married dating site 

36% surge in overall sign ups in the first half of May. Bored housewives account for 63% of the spike compared with 37% men. Perhaps women have been more careful during the pandemic and think now is the time to throw caution to the wind.

The 17th of May saw the biggest increase in activity as the affairs site had to pull staff to work extra shifts in order to cope with new registrations. 

May is traditionally a slower month for cheats seeking affairs, this increase is rather unusual. Normally adultery peaks in January, straight after Christmas as fed up spouses add ‘an affair’ to their new year’s resolutions. Another big spike is traditionally seen in July as the weather gets hotter and people fancy getting steamy with a secret lover.

In a survey of 800 new members, 82% claimed that being cooped up with their partner during the pandemic left them feeling suffocated and in need of time apart. Out of the sample 46% have had an affair before, whilst 54% had never been unfaithful before.

Lewis, 46, London, a member on said ‘I’m in a sexless marriage. You kind of accept that chemistry eventually dies. I got by with the occasional fling, I even had a solid affair with a work colleague for a while. I’ve been faithful throughout the pandemic though – biding my time until it’s safe. I didn’t want to start meeting women when you could only go for a walk in the park. It’s not just sex I’ve missed it’s the thrill of the chase. I’m happy it’s possible again. Besides, it’s much easier to come up with excuses to meet up now than it was before the rules were relaxed. There’s only so long you can ‘walk the dog’ without raising suspicions.’ 

Yvonne, 50, Glasgow, another member on the site, said ‘My husband and I have an arrangement where we allow each other to sleep with other people. It’s a turn on to talk about it after. Of course, we keep it under wraps from our friends, it might scare them off. I’ve tried and failed to meet someone to have an affair with since I’ve been vaccinated, but recently I’ve been inundated with proposals. Looks like the tide is turning.’

Jessica Leoni, spokesperson for, said ‘I suspect bookings are through the roof with day use hotels right now. People have been staring at the same four corners of their houses for far too long now and are quite frankly sick of seeing their spouse day in day out, no wonder there’s a huge demand for affairs! 

Couples across the country are gasping for the novelty and excitement an illicit encounter can provide. Gosh, I can barely believe I’m saying this, but now that sex is legal with people outside of our own household again – we can expect affair cases to continue to rise.’

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