Is it Cheating when You’re on a Break? Survey Reveals what People Really think of TV’s Friends Scandals

* In light of Friends the Reunion –, has asked its members to take part in a poll to finally shed light on the burning questions we’ve all wanted answered!

* ‘We were on a break!’ – does it count as cheating when you’re on a break? A whopping 87% of women say it’s cheating, compared to only 20% of men

* Monica proposed to Chandler – but the public think that women should not propose to men!

* Ross says ‘I’m fine!’ – but can you truly be fine when your friend dates your ex? No is the answer

* These findings and more uncovered in poll conducted by, the UK’s leading dating site for married people

Friends reunion has sparked some unanswered questions from the series, such as, is it really cheating when you’re on a break?

1000 men and women split equally, took part in the survey conducted by, the UK’s leading dating site for married people. The poll uncovers the questions we’ve all wanted answers to from scandalous moments in Friends. It turns out men and women are very divided on the ins and outs, yes and no’s of dating and cheating! Friends gave us 10 brilliant seasons of comedy gold. With so much humour injected into each episode, we do sometimes forget some pretty heavy real-life situations were depicted in the story line, weird and wonderful events that took place which only strengthened the Friends bond. We’ve aimed to uncover some of the home truths on some of the issues displayed in the series.

Sex and relationships expert for, Jessica Leoni has compiled and commented on the results below:

The One With The Butt
Season 1, Episode 6

Chandler has a brief affair with married woman Aurora – who coincidentally already has one other boyfriend and would like to add another to the list. At first Chandler feels like he’s hit the jackpot  – but pretty quickly his feelings get in the way and he gets jealous and realises he wants monogamy. 

We asked our members:
Is it possible to have an open relationship without jealousy?
19% of Women said Yes
14% of Men said Yes

It seems that both men and women agree that there’s no chance you can let your partner date other people and not get jealous, it must be down to human nature.

The One with the Morning After
Season 3, Episode 16
Ross sleeps with Chloe from the xerox shop after a fight with Rachel sparking the ubiquitous quote of the season ‘We were on a break!’

We asked our members:
Does it count as cheating when you’re on a break?
87% of Women said Yes
20% of Men said Yes

Wow the difference in opinion on this much sought after question is astonishing! Women give an almost unanimous yes, compared to a small fraction of men – although let’s be honest, men never admit that what they’re doing is cheating – do they?

The One With Ross’ Thing
Season 3, Episode 23
Phoebe starts playing the field by dating two men at the same time, Vince the fireman and kindergarten teacher Jason. The duo find out they’re being played when they both turn up to listen to Phoebe play guitar at Central Perk.

We asked our members:
Should you play the field before you choose?
72% of Women said Yes
98% of Men said Yes

Women tend to be a bit more loyal than men, so it’s unsurprising that less women think you should play the field. Of course 98% of men say go for it – it’s every man’s dream to have your cake and eat it.

The One with Chandler in a Box
Season 4, Episode 8
Chandler ends up locking himself purposefully in a wooden crate for 6 hours as a three-fold way of apologising to Joey for getting with his girlfriend. Chandler says ‘The meaning of the box is threefold. One, it gives me the time to think about what I did. Two, it proves how much I care about my friendship with Joey. And three, it hurts!’

We asked our members:
Is it ever OK to get together with your best friend’s partner?
30% of Women said Yes
71% of Men said Yes

Girl code totally overrules boy code here – an astounding number of men think it’s ok to get with a pals missus! 

The One With All The Haste
Season 4, Episode 19
Ross proposes to Emily, his girlfriend of only 6 weeks, to convince her to move to New York and not go back to London. 

We asked our members:
Is a relationship doomed if you marry too quickly?
23% of women said Yes
65% of men said Yes

I guess it’s every girl’s dream to be the bride, we’re clearly much more eager to get married then men, apart from Ross obviously – for whom weddings (and divorces) are a competitive sport.

The One With Ross’ Wedding
Season 4, Episode 24
So much happens in this episode, what with Ross saying Rachel’s name instead of fiance’s Emily at the altar causing utter havoc. This episode was also the first time Monica and Chandler get together ‘in London!’ after being just friends for so many years.

We asked our members:
Can friends-with-benefits ever really turn into a real relationship?
52% of Women said Yes
57% of Men said Yes

More than half of those polled agreed that FWB can transpire into a real relationship – not bad odds.

The One with the Proposal
Season Six, Episode 25
Monica proposes to Chandler – back when women proposing was seen as a tad unconventional.

We asked our members: 
Should women propose to men?
10% of Women said Yes
17% of Men said Yes

Interestingly more men than women think it’s OK for a woman to propose – although the responses still suggest that men traditionally proposing is more acceptable to the public.

The One After Joey And Rachel Kiss
Season 10, Episode 1
Joey and his girlfriend Charlie break up in Barbados. Following this, Ross and Charlie get together and Ross confesses his feelings to Joey on the plane home – admitting he and Charlie have kissed. Unbeknownst to Ross – Joey and Rachel have been are also fooling around behind his back and Joey does not reciprocate a confession to Ross on the plane. Instead, Ross finds out by walking in on them kissing – cultivating one of the next most known quotes from the series when Ross tells them ‘I’m fine!’

We asked our members:
Can you truly be ‘fine’ with one of your friends dating your ex?
13% of Women said Yes
16% of Men said Yes

The public have spoken, and it’s a pretty clear no – there is no way you can feel fine about one of your friends dating your ex.

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