It’s Frisky Friday – Peak Day of the Year for Affairs!

*Peak day for affairs is Frisky Friday (23rd of July) – as bored mums and dads cheat one last time before school’s out for summer! 

* Affairs are ripe when the weather is hot – as more people cheat in the warmer months of the year

* More adulterers look to cheat in the first three weeks of July than any other time of the year

* Second most popular month for affairs is June

* Other peaks are in September and January as loverats return to their lovers after long holidays with their family

Sunshine is a recipe for adultery. Brits cheat more when the weather is hot!

The peak day for affairs is today (Friday, 23rd July) as the schools break up for the summer holidays, according to a new study conducted by, the UK’s leading dating site for married people.

The whole week before the big summer getaway is the busiest of the year for extra-marital activity. 

It reaches its peak on ‘Frisky Friday’ with adulterers eager to cheat one last time before school’s out for summer!

The first two weeks of July saw a 32% increase in activity, increasing significantly to 67% by week three. The affairs site predicts a 75% overall rise on Frisky Friday, the most popular day of the year for affairs.

July is the top cheating month of the year followed by June. Other peaks are in September and January as loverats return to their illicit activities after holidays with their families. 

Cassandra, 32, Margate ‘We’ve been locked in our homes for far too long and it’s been tough coming up with excuses to have an affair. I’ve had more fun in the last fortnight dating married men than I have all year. Are people more aroused in the summer? I think so, yes. People seek out romance in the summer whether they’re single or married.’

James, 50, Manchester ‘The woman I’m seeing, aside from my wife, I met in January this year. We were suffocated at home over the winter with all the restrictions and it’s been nothing but relief since we met. Our affair is just for us and we’re good at disassociating it from ‘real life’. We’ve decided to have a break over the school holidays though to focus on our partners and kids. We’re meeting up one last time for lunch this Friday and I’m really looking forward to it.’

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationships expert at said ‘Let’s face it, everybody gets the holiday horn. Not only are people much more cheerful when the sun’s out, they’re sun kissed and show off a bit more skin – it’s the ideal time for romance. It’s been a crazy busy July for affairs as expected – even more so with less restrictions and freedom day giving people the confidence to date again. Everybody just wants to have a bit of fun and those in unhappy marriages are no different. 

We all want to feel valued and admired – so why shouldn’t adulterers get their last kicks this Friday before sacrificing the rest of the summer to their families. At least their priorities are straight.’

Top months for cheating

1. July

2. June

3. September

4. January

5. May

6. August  

7. March

8. February

9. October

10. December

11. November 

12. April

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