Brits Vote on the World’s Sexiest Foreign Accents 

* Britain votes French the sexiest female foreign accent in the world for women and Italian for men

* 5 out of 6 Brits think an accent makes someone more (or less!) attractive

* More than half of us have broken up with someone we fancied just because we didn’t like their accent

* The results come as part of a survey of 1200 people on, the UK’s leading dating website for married people.

You’ve probably heard of love at first sight, but what about love at first sound? Turns out a person’s voice can be a massive turn on as Brits find some accents more attractive than others., the UK’s leading dating site for married people, polled 1200 men and women to discover Britain’s favourite foreign accents. Sex and relationships expert for the website, Jessica Leoni has compiled and commented on the results below:

83% of the respondents agreed that a person’s accent can make them more or less attractive.

The saying ‘you were so attractive until you opened your mouth’ – rings true when it comes to accents. As a whopping 53% of men and women have actually broken up with someone they fancied because they did not like their accent.

40% of people have consciously toned down their accent when dating. 

In first place for sexiest female foreign accents, as voted by men, is the ‘language of love’ French with 26% of the vote – très bien. Everything about the French exudes romance – the dialect has that mysterious je ne se quois that leave men falling into hopeless devotion. Take famous actress Léa Seydoux for example – set to return to the screens as Madeleine Swann a love interest of Mr. Bond, James Bond – Léa Seydoux french accent is absolutely mesmerising. 

Spanish comes in close second sexiest female foreign accent (23%), such as the award-winning Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, and actress Úrsula Corberó best known for her role in Money Heist as Tokyo.

Third place goes to Poland (13%), with Polish being the highest non-British population residing in the UK it comes as no surprise they would fare well.

Fourth place goes to Italian with 11%, fifth place is Dutch (8%) and sixth place is German (6%).

Second to last is Swedish in seventh place (4%)  and Irish eighth and last place (2%).

In the men’s category, Italy scores yet again following their euro victory, British women found Italian to be the number one most desirable accent on a man with 24% of the vote. There is a plethora of famous Italian men, from designer Giorgio Armani, to footballers Andrea Pirlo or Gianluigi Donnarumma – the list goes on, even Italian names sound sexy on the tongue. 

Second sexiest male accent is Spanish (20%). Famous Spanish men include actors Miguel Silvestre, famed for his portrayal of villain Franklin Jurado in Narcos, or Alvaro Morte, El Professor, in Money Heist.

Irish comes in third place for sexiest male accents (12%) – such as the likes of actors Liam Neelson, Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrel. 

Fourth place sexiest male accent is Canadian (11%), followed by South African in fifth overall place (9%).

French is dethroned as the language of love for men coming in 6th place (7%). Famous male French celebrities include actor Vincent Cassel or footballer Kylian Mbappé.

Seventh place goes to Greek (6%), second to last is Portuguese in seventh place (5%)  and lastly Australian in eighth overall sexiest male accents (2%). 


Women Sexiest Foreign Accents

French 26%
Spanish 23%

Polish 13%

Italian 11%

Dutch 8%

German 6%

Swedish 4%

Irish 2%

Other 7%

Men Sexiest Foreign Accents

Italian 24%

Spanish 20%

Irish 12%

Canadian 11%

South African 9%

French 7%

Greek 6%

Portuguese 5%

Australian 2%

Other 4%

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