Biggest Spike in Autumn Affairs in Eighteen Years as Kids are back in School

*The biggest autumn affairs spike in 18 years now that kids are back in school

* Bored housewives account for 59% of the registration surge 

* More than half of adulterers have been faithful over the summer, though 70% of them suffered a total summer sex drought

* Study conducted by the UK’s leading dating site for married people, the UK’s leading dating website for married people has seen an exponential growth in married people seeking affairs during the last three weeks as bored husbands and wives look to engage in illicit activity now that kids are back in school.

The autumn affairs spike is observed each year that kids go back to school, however 2021 accounts for the biggest rise in September registrations since records began 18 years ago, with a 44% increase in the first three weeks of September. 

Bored housewives account for 59% of the registration surge – suggesting that more of the child care burden belongs to mothers – who after a summer of sacrifices are finally able to use September as an opportunity to unwind with an illicit lover. It seems that once the kids are back in school, mums go back to bed with other people’s husbands.

The extra-marital dating site surveyed 600 recently active members and found that more than half of married couples (54%) had been faithful over the summer, but not from lack of trying as a phenomenal 84% of those who didn’t cheat said they wanted to have an affair but found it impossible to engage in one during the summer holidays.

Out of the 46% of members that were loyal during the school holidays, a whopping 70% said they hadn’t even had sex with their spouse – this summer sex draught is notorious for sowing the seed of the autumn affairs rise.

Henrietta, 55, London 

‘I could walk through the house naked and my husband wouldn’t even notice. I’ve accepted that our relationship is no longer physical and that’s okay. Otherwise he is a great partner and father to our kids and we really like to focus our attention on the family during the school holidays. We were actually lucky enough to go to Greece this year. We’ve had a nice summer. Now the kids are back in school and I’m looking my best with a tan – I am ready to pounce haha on some new fling for this quarter.”

Sylvia, 40, Suffolk

I save most of my annual leave for the school holidays as me and my husband both work and need to make sure that childcare is covered. I love spending time with the kids but the summer really steals away any real adult time left. My husband is constantly stressed and complaining. It’s nice to just forget about it all with someone who can relate. I don’t intend to ever leave my family, I just need a bit of a release.

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationships expert at, said “We’re seeing a phenomenal spike in autumn affairs now the kids are back in school. It can also be assumed that the surge is higher than normal due to covid and lockdown fever – people need an escape, they need a release from the mayhem of the last 18 months.

Having said that, autumn is always cesspit for infidelity. Schools reopening allow parents much more freedom. I’m not surprised adulterers have been faithful during the summer – there’s been little to no chance to get away. Now daddy can drop off the kids to daycare and engage in a dalliance of his own.

Look – we all know summer is adventure time for our children – but autumn is when stressed out spouses are finally allowed to go out and play.”

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