UK’s Sexiest Politicians For 2021 Revealed

* Johnny Mercer and Dehenna Davison top annual list of UK’s sexiest politicians 

* Conservatives Sajid Javid and Theresa Coffey voted least desirable 

* Conservatives are the overall sexiest male and female politicians 

* Poll comes from 2000 members on the UK’s leading married dating site 

When it comes to political opinions we’ve all got one, but what is hard to tell is what is truly right or wrong. One thing is for certain though and that’s who is crowned sexiest politician in the UK 2021.

The recent survey was conducted with 2000 adulterers, split equally by male and female respondents, on, the U.K’s leading dating website for married people. 

Spokesperson for, Jessica Leoni has compiled and commented on the results below:

In the men’s sexiest category, new entry Johnny Mercer comes in first place with 22% of the vote, dethroning last year’s heartthrob Dishy Rishi Sunak who has toppled down to second sexiest. There is no denying it, Johnny Mercer has smouldering good looks and charm – in fact with Daniel Craig stepping down from the Mr.Bond franchise – some may be forgiven to think that Mr. Bond, Johnny Bond has a good ring to it – especially with his military background.

Close second with 20% of the vote is Conservative Rishi Sunak. Since replacing Sajid Javid as chancellor last year he has quickly become a household name earning himself the nickname Dishy Rishy. Not only is he a very good-looking candidate, the country simply trusts him to get the job done – and boy does Rishi deliver. No wonder women all over the UK are pining over him.

In third place is our prime minister, Conservative leader Boris Johnson (17%). British women just cannot make their mind up about BoJo – circa ‘19 he’s hot, circa ‘20 he’s not and now he’s back to bedable in 2021. It’s not easy to appease everybody as leader of the country and the pandemic really hindered dear Johnson’s reputation for a while, however, he’s turned it around and become a hit with the ladies once again. 

In fourth place, down from third last year, is Conservative Tobias Ellwood with 13% of the vote. Ex-army captain in the The Royal Green Jackets, I can imagine many women picture Tobias Ellwood in uniform – a real life action man. Indeed, he does scrub up well in a suit too. Refined, polite and possessing a very British sophistication – no wonder the nation adores him.

Fifth place goes to the mayor of Manchester and the only Labour candidate to make the hot list this year Andy Burnham (10%). A mayor of the people affectionately dubbed ‘King of the North’ Andy Burnham won the hearts of Manchester locals as he fought for funding last year during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last but not least is the deputy prime minister, Conservative, Dominic Raab (8%). 

Participants of the survey were also asked to vote for the least sexy politicians. With our Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Sajid Javid Conservative MP, selected as the least desirable male with an overwhelming 31% of the vote. He may have given us our freedom in the pandemic but sadly he has not been repaid in votes regarding his sex appeal.

Second least sexy is Labour’s Ed Miliband (19%) and Labour’s Sadiq Khan (17%) in third. 

Liberal Democrat Ed Davey came in fourth least desirable (15%).

The only remaining politician from last year’s least sexy list, although dethroned from last year’s number one spot, is Conservative’s Michael Gove in fifth with 6% of the vote. Last year satirical show Spitting Image did him an honour of creating a puppet in his name – which Gove said he was ‘incredibly flattered’ over – though we cannot imagine what is so flattering about a face made out of genitals. Suffice to say, the ladies aren’t all that interested in going clubbing with Gove at the Bohemia nightclub in Aberdeen any time soon.

Last but not least in the least sexy male politicians is Jacob Rees-Mogg (4%) in sixth position overall. If he can fall asleep on the frontbench at the commons perhaps he would do the same on a date, not very impressive – hey?

For the female entrants in the most sexy politician poll the overall winner is new entry Conservative Dehenna Davison (29%) knocking last year’s winner – Labour’s Lisa Nandy off the podium.

Labour’s Dr Rosena Allin Khan, Shadow Secretary of State for Mental Health, holds firm second place two years in a row, up 1% since last year at 21% of the vote. Dr Rosena Allin Khan took upon herself to pull 12 hour shifts in St Georges Hospital in Tooting to help with the covid-19 crisis last year – and absolutely deserves recognition, it’s wonderful she is being noticed by the public for her selfless acts of care and duty.

Last year’s winner Lisa Nandy, Labour MP, drops down to third overall sexiest female politician with 17% of the vote. What’s not to like? Lisa Nandy is clearly popular, sporting that girl-next-door, could do no wrong look – no wonder British men are attracted to her. 

The former care minister, Conservative’s Helen Whately places fourth sexiest female politician (16%). Perhaps coming onto this year’s list as a sympathy vote for the bullying she endured from Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

First minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon is the fifth sexiest female politician (6%). She is firm but kind and really gives the impression that she cares about her people.  

Conservative Victoria Atkins, Minister of State for Prisons and Probation, comes in sixth place with 5% of the vote. 

In the female category, the least sexy politician award goes to Conservative’s Thérèse Coffey (23%). If Thérèse Coffey’s mortifying duet with Matt Hancock of “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen is anything to go by – then we are really not that surprised. Although not crowned the Karaoke Queen at least she has come first in one competition. 

Another Conservative, Home Secretary, Priti Patel comes in second least sexy female politician (19%) – bumped up from fourth least desirable last year. Let’s be honest, Priti Patel or ‘the wicked witch of the south’ is actually not that bad looking but has some pretty unpopular and often controversial views which could contribute to her votes as least desirable. Some of which include her heartless stance on immigration and criminals. Once quoted as wanting the death penalty introduced – you can be forgiven for not wanting to date her.

Remaining in third least desirable two years in a row and with 18% of the vote is Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities Anneliese Dodds.

Fourth place is Labour’s Angela Rayner (14%), followed by Anne-Marie Trevelyan in fifth (10%) and lastly Liberal Democrat Wera Hobhouse takes sixth place (3%)

Sexiest Male Politicians

Johnny Mercer 22% 

Rishi Sunak 20%  

Boris Johnson 17% 

Tobias Ellwood 13% 

Other 10%

Andy Burnham 10% 

Dominic Raab 8%  

Least Sexy Male Politicians

Sajid Javid 31% 

Edward Miliband 19% 

Sadiq Khan 17% 

Ed Davey 15%

Other 8%

Michael Gove 6%  

Jacob Rees-Mogg 4% 

Sexiest Female Politicians

Dehenna Davison 29%  

Dr Rosena Allin Khan 21%  

Lisa Nandy 17% 

Helen Whately 16% 

Nicola Sturgeon 6% 

Other 6%

Victoria atkins 5% 

Least Sexy Female Politicians

Thérèse Coffey 23% 

Priti Patel 19% 

Anneliese Dodds 18% 

Angela Rayner 14% 

Other  13%

Anne-Marie Trevelyan 10% 

Wera Hobhouse 3% 

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