Spicy New Year Bucket List

* Hotel sex is the number one sexual adventure we’d like to try in 2022

* Phone sex is the least desirable fantasy for both men and women

* Men say yes to sex in public, no to bondage

* Women say no to threesomes, but yes to foreplay

* Survey conducted by IllicitEncounters.com the UK’s largest extra-marital dating site

We’ve heard it all before – lose weight, save more, drink less – it’s the same old resolutions every year.

Rather than focus on the obvious, IllicitEncounters.com put the vote to 1000 of its users with a slightly different kind of poll – what sexy bedroom adventures would they most like to explore in 2022.

500 men and 500 women were questioned on whether they would like to try out any of the following sex-capades in 2022 and here are the results.

The top sexual adventure for men and women to explore in the bedroom is hotel sex, in first place for men with 95%, and second place for women with 81%. A combined total of 88% makes it the top adventure to tick off people’s bucket lists in the upcoming year. 

Close second adventure for men is sex in public with 89% of the vote.

The top sexual adventure for women to explore in the bedroom is foreplay (97%).

Men (28%) and women (17%) would least like to try out phone sex, a stark contrast to a poll conducted pre-pandemic when phone sex was the top sexual fantasy for both men and women (80.5% favoured this bucket list fantasy in January 2020). Perhaps we’ve all had enough of virtual sex over the course of covid and lockdowns. 

Spicy New Year Bucket List

Hotel Sex

Men – 95% said yes

Women – 81% said yes

Booking a hotel to have some romantic adventures with your significant other is the best way to enjoy some one-on-one adult fun. Spending the night getting hot and sweaty in freshly laundered sheets and then ordering room service? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Sex in Public

Men – 89% said yes

Women – 37% said yes

Usually explored in the honeymoon period of a relationship when you simply cannot keep your hands off each other. It’s naughty and risque, not to mention subject to nudity and decency laws – not one for the fainthearted! My recommendation is to find somewhere isolated and discreet for those wanting to try sex in public for the very first time, before you join the expert level mile high club.


Men – 88% said yes

Women – 18% said yes

Some may say that three is in fact – the magic number. Inviting a third person into the party can be exhilarating, fun, and full of discoveries. Make sure that you have some boundaries and rules laid out with your partner before giving this one a shot, and if everybody is game, this bucket list must-have guarantees a night of racy fun.

Dress up and Striptease

Men – 86% said yes

Women – 77% said yes

The Full Monty? Yes, please. Dressing up and performing a striptease is going to get anybody’s pulses racing. Invest in some erotic clothing or lingerie and step outside of your comfort zone – not only does playing dress up build your confidence, it’s a sure way to turn your partner on.

Sex in Shower

Men – 80% said yes

Women – 68% said yes

Getting down and dirty while you’re soaking wet is undeniably sexy. Shower sex can be very sensual. Soaping eachother up and touching slippery wet bodies – it’s a fantasy many of us want to fulfill! One word of advice – it’s an idea to invest in a nonslip matt to avoid any accidents,


Men – 79% said yes

Women – 97% said yes

None of this wham, bam, thank you, mam. Foreplay is essential for good sex! Spending more time playing beforehand and getting each other aroused creates anticipation and sexual energy that is bound to make the act of lovemaking a whole lot more satisfying.


Men – 60% said yes

Women – 40% said yes

Getting involved in role-play is the ultimate way to express yourself in the bedroom and acting out any adventurous sexual fantasies you may have. Decide on a scenario and roles prior. Play dress-up to make the experience more authentic, think doctors and nurses, coppers and robbers – whatever tickles your fancy.

New Sex Positions

Men – 40% said yes

Women – 65% said yes

Kama Sutra – why not? If you always rely on missionary, mixing it up a little will add so much more to your sex life. It can be very rewarding trying out new stuff – there are some pretty wild positions out there worth giving a shot, that can really bring couples closer together. 


Men – 34% said yes

Women – 74% said yes

A great way to explore your kinkier side. It’ll get you communicating better in the bedroom and discovering all sorts of thrilling things you may have not even realised you were into. Rihanna got it right in her S&M track – “sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me.”

Phone sex

Men – 28% said yes

Women – 17% said yes

Nothing beats this old time classic. Imagine a long night ahead of you apart from your lover, what better way to close the distance than a naughty call? Dirty talk is an art, and a timeless sexy adventure. Now you can turn up the heat by switching on the camera too, to add that extra dimension to this fantasy.

IllicitEncounters.com sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni said “A new year signifies new opportunities and why shouldn’t that extend to our bedroom fantasies. Whether you’re in a stale relationship that needs some extra spice, or single and ready to mingle – giving the sexy New Year bucket list a try this year is a must!”

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