The Grass isn’t Greener: Married Men Cheat with Exes and Regret Splitting Up!

* 34% of married men regret breaking up with their ex!

* ‘I miss them’ number one reason for cheating with an ex-missus, followed by the claim that the sex is better and it’s an easy lay!

* 24% of male love-rats have cheated on their current spouse with an ex

* Results are from a new survey of 800 men by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people

The grass is always greener on the other side… not!

The USA celebrates National Ex-Spouse Day tomorrow (Thursday, April 14th), would you believe it? In jest of this farcical holiday,, the UK’s leading website for extramarital affairs, surveyed 800 married men (married in the last 3 years) who have supposedly moved on, to find out what they truly think about their exes! Do men who are cheating on their wives cheat with an ex? Still, miss their ex? Regret breaking up?

It’s every woman’s fear that they won’t live up to their partner’s ex. Turns out you are right to be worried as 34% of adulterous men actually regret splitting up with their ex-partner. With nearly a quarter (24%) admitting to being unfaithful to their current partners with an ex. Over half of those who had not cheated with an ex said they would if they were given half the chance (52%). These stats suggest the doors are never truly closed on an old flame even if you marry somebody else. 

The respondents who had cheated with an ex gave reasons as to what motivated them. The number one reason male love-rats cheat with an ex is that they miss them (39%). The second most popular claim is that the sex is better with their ex than with their current spouse (26%) followed by, it’s an easy lay that requires minimal effort (19%). A further 8% admit to cheating on their partner with an ex as a way of fulfilling a sexual fantasy or kink.

We also asked the respondents if it’s possible to be just friends with an ex and an overwhelming 73% of the adulterous men agree that it is absolutely impossible. 

Furthermore, we asked the men if they were ever caught slipping by calling their current wives by an ex’s name and a staggering 39% said yes! Probably the last thing you want to do if you’re having an affair with your ex.

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationships expert at, said “It’s risky business marrying a man that’s already been in a serious relationship or worse, a divorcee. A man with an ex-missus is a man with baggage and a shocking amount haven’t gotten over their ex. 

Why do men regret breaking up with their exes? Perhaps it’s taken marrying someone else to find the grass only looked greener from the other side. 

Either way, it’s easy to slip under the covers with an ex when things aren’t going so well at home, old habits. They know to satisfy you, how to push the right buttons.

If both parties are game it can be a very safe and fulfilling affair, but if one person wants to get back together then you’re treading dangerous territory. Oh and be careful to not call your spouse by your ex’s name, especially when having sex, that’s a big no-no!”

Case Study

Pete, 43, London

‘My ex Georgie and I were never a good match. We fought constantly, couldn’t agree on a damn thing. I was happy with my new wife Sam for a time. We’re more compatible, but the chemistry isn’t there the same way it was with Georgie.

Six months ago I hooked up with Georgie. We bumped into each other at a mutual friends’ and one thing led to another. It’s happened a handful of times since. We have fantastic sex and I miss her very much. I hate that it’s so good. We’re like magnets that are drawn to each other. I do sometimes wonder about getting back together.’

Top reasons for cheating with an ex

I miss them 39%

The sex is better than with my current partner 26%

It’s minimal effort/easy to rekindle sex with an ex 19%

It’s a sexual fantasy/kink cheating with an ex 8%

Other 8%

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