Hear, Hear, Lawyers, Win the Sexiest Profession of the Year! 

* Lawyers have been voted the sexiest profession in annual survey
* Doctors and CEO’s round off the top 3, followed by Builders and Firefighters
* Estate Agents rank last with only 2% of women finding them sexy
* Results come from a study conducted by IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading dating website for married people

IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading dating website for married people, surveyed 2000 women to discover which male profession is the sexiest in 2022. 

Sex and relationships expert for IllicitEncounters.com, Jessica Leoni has compiled and commented on the results below:

Will the defendant please rise – the verdict is… guilty! Lawyers are the sexiest profession of the year. Accounting for a whopping 20% of the vote – women find men in the courtroom the sexiest of them all, case closed. 

What’s up Doc? We’ve run the diagnostics and the results confirm second sexiest profession are the men in white – Doctors – with 18% of the vote. 

CEO’s turn heads with 15% of the vote and in honourable third place.

Can he fix it? Yes, he can! Builders are hot property in fourth sexiest jobs with 12%. 

Turn up the heat!  Firefighters come in fifth sexiest (9.5%). On a primal level, a Firefighter is in every woman’s fantasy. The masculine physique, the muscle and sweat combined with raw unbridled passion… okay, a little carried away there, but what’s not to like?

Women think Footballers are fit, scoring sixth place (7%). It’s plain to see that fame and fortune help with sex appeal.

Teachers score seventh sexiest profession (5%), seems the ladies are up for a little bit of detention, naughty. 

On the less sexy scale are Financial Advisors with only 3% of the vote in eighth place. Economics? Boring. With everything getting more expensive and people are scrimping for cash – seems we’ve all had enough of talking about money. 

999, call the Police! Or don’t for that matter… we’d rather avoid a copper as only 2.5% of women find the five-o sexy. Cops have had a bad rep over the last few years in Britain, with overall confidence in the police dropping year on year since 2017, as reported by the ONS*, it’s clearly had an effect on their desirability. 

In last place with 2% of the vote, it seems Estate Agents are a bit of a turn-off. These notorious charmers often misinterpret the facts to get a quick sale, and with rent and house prices continuing to go up it’s no wonder we’re not the biggest fans of these smooth-talking salesmen. 

It’s not just ripped, topless men that make the cut, attraction is so much more than that. Sure the physical is important, but women want more than a hunk – and this list makes that fact indisputable.

Lawyers and Doctors coming out on top suggest it takes more than a beefcake to turn a woman on. Confidence, intelligence, philanthropy, and wealth – are more important qualities that make up a man’s sex appeal, and what men do for work speaks volumes.


Sexiest Professions 2022

Lawyer 20%

Doctor 18%

CEO 15%

Builder 12%

Firefighter 9.5%

Footballer 7%

Teacher 5%

Financial Advisor 3%

Policeman 2.5%

Estate Agent 2%

Other 6%

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