Brits Vote on the World’s Sexiest Accents

* Britain votes French as the sexiest female accent in the world, followed by Italian and Norwegian

* Sexiest male accent goes to the Irish, followed by South African and French

* 81% of people agree that accents play a major part in a person’s datability

* The results come as part of a survey of 2000 people on, the UK’s leading dating website for married people.

Have you ever found someone sexy until… they opened their mouth? We’ve all been there. Attraction isn’t just based on looks and Brits get turned on by an accent., the UK’s leading dating site for married people, surveyed 2000 members to find the foxiest twang in the world for vocal chord victory. 

Sex and relationships expert for the website, Jessica Leoni, has compiled and commented on the results below:

81% of people agree that accents play a major part in a person’s datability, but what accent is the sexiest? 

Parlez-vous français? Oui? Très magnifique! French is crowned the language of love with nearly a quarter (24%) of all men finding this to be the sexiest language of them all! The French speak in a breathy and husky tone, with pronunciation that is delivered poetically, it’s enchanting. If that’s not hot, I don’t know what is. Notable French celebrities, whose accents are as seductive as anything, include award-winning actresses Marion Cotillard and Juliette Binoche, as well as the most recent Bond girl Léa Seydoux.

In second place is the irresistible Italian accent with 16% of the vote. Notable Italian celebrities include Sophia Loren, one of the greatest female stars of classical Hollywood Cinema, her accent is so inviting and seductive, even at the grand age of 87. Another prominent Italian fashion model and former Bond girl is Monica Belluci, let’s be honest, if the Italian accent is good enough for James Bond – who are we to argue.

The third place for female accents goes to Norway (13%). Brits are obsessed with Nordic countries since series such as Vikings and The Last Kingdom have boosted their popularity. A Scandinavian accent on a gorgeous blonde and blue-eyed woman gives us those Viking vibes, no wonder men are captivated.

Fourth place goes to Irish accents with 11.5%, fifth to Australian (8.5%), and sixth to Spanish (7%).

Next, in seventh place is the Dutch accent  (6.5%), followed by Portuguese eighth (4%). 

Second, to last place is Scottish (3.5%) and last but not least is American (1%).

In the men’s category, the lucky Irish accent is the sexiest of them all! A whopping 21% of British women find Irish to be the most desirable accent on a man. Such as the likes of actors Liam Neelson, Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrel.

The second sexiest male accent is South African (20%). The South African accent has unique tones, very approachable and friendly, no wonder women are drawn to it. 

Honorable third place goes to men with a French accent (16%) – ooh la, la! French-speaking, french-kissing, Frenchman? Enchanté! Take Emmanuel Macron the French president, for example, love him or hate him, his accent definitely makes the news more riveting. 

The fourth-place sexiest male accent is Scottish with 10.5% of the vote, followed by Canadian in fifth (7%). Italian comes in sixth sexiest accent (5.5%), followed by Welsh in seventh (4%) and New Zealand in eighth (3.5%).

Spanish ranked second to last in ninth place (2.5%) and finally Polish in tenth overall sexiest (2%).

The respondents were also asked if they have ever rejected someone on the basis of their accent and more than half said they have (59%). A further 30% of people admit they’ve been on a date before with someone whom they didn’t understand because of a strong accent.

It’s apparent that accents play a highly critical role in how attractive we find people. It can make or break the beginnings of a romantic rendezvous. If their voice doesn’t feel like music to our ears then listening to them speak could become a massive turn-off. 

Accents which are from a foreign country can be especially seductive. They make your date exude an air of sophistication, and feel exotic and worldly, which is sexy in its own right. 

We as humans are inherently attracted to people who we deem to have lots of ambition and life experience. Somebody who speaks English with a foreign accent gives the impression they have seen the world, they are interesting and they are smart – of course we will find that unbearably sexy. 


Sexiest Female Accents

French 24%

Italian 16%

Norwegian 13%

Irish 11.5%

Australian 8.5%

Spanish 7%

Dutch 6.5%

Portuguese 4%

Scottish 3.5%

American 1%

Other 5%

Sexiest Male Accents

Irish 21%

South African 20%

French 16%

Scottish 10.5%

Canadian 7%

Italian 5.5%

Welsh 4%

New Zealand 3.5%

Spanish 2.5%

Polish 2%

Other 8%

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