You Better Brie-leave it! Brie Eating Brits are the Biggest Cheats!

* You better Brie careful – Brie is the number one cheese that adulterers eat!

* Second favourite cheese is Cheddar, followed by Red Leicester in third

* The most faithful in the top 10 are fans of Cheshire Cheese

* Poll conducted by the UK’s leading dating site for married people seeking affairs  

You’ve got to brie-joking! Nope, it’s a stone-cold fact. Lovers of Brie break the rules and cheat on their partners. 

A survey of 2,000 married men and women, who cheat, on extramarital dating site, has made shocking discoveries about infidelity and cheese.

Here’s the cheddar, or rather, the results, compiled and commented on by spokesperson for, Jessica Leoni:

98% of UK households include cheese in their grocery shopping with the average Brit eating 30g a day* but which cheese is favoured by unfaithful Brits?

Adulterers choose Brie as the number one cheese for cheats! A cow’s-milk cheese originating from France, Brie, gains a whopping 20% of the vote, you better brie-lieve it!

In close second is Cheddar, originating from the English village of Cheddar in Somerset, with a whopping 18% of affair-seeking Brits choosing this block of dairy as their favourite. You can’t go wrong with Cheddar, it’s an easy option cheese that goes with just about anything! 

Packed full of punch is Red Leicester, another English cheese, with its distinct flavour, in honorable third place (14%). 

Fourth place cheese for cheats is Mozzarella (11.5%), a traditionally Italian cheese, followed by Camembert (9.5%), originating from France, in fifth place.

Sixth place goes to English cheese Stilton (7%) with its rather overpowering flavour, followed by the French cheese Comté (6%) in seventh.

Feta, originating from Greece, comes in eighth overall (4%) and Gruyère cheese (3%), a Swiss hard cheese, in ninth place.

Last but not least is Cheshire Cheese which originates from England. Cheshire Cheese eaters are the most faithful in the top 10 for cheese-loving cheats with only 1% and in tenth place.

With the days getting longer it’s a good time for some al fresco dining, with cheese and wine being a popular pastime in the summer month. Should we be meticulously checking the picnic basket or the cheese board for signs of adultery? I’ll leave that one down to you. All I know is if it’s brie you’re looking for, you better brie careful.

Let’s put the record straight, we all love a bit of cheese! The cheesier the better. If your partner devours Cheshire Cheese and skips the others – it’s probably safe to assume they are not cheating on you.

Top Cheese favoured by Cheats!

Brie 20%

Cheddar 18%

Red Leicester 14%

Mozzarella 11.5%

Camembert 9.5%

Stilton 7%

Comté 6%

Feta 4%

Gruyère cheese 3%

Cheshire Cheese 1%

Other 6%

* CountrySideOnline, 07 May 2020

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