Is having an affair with a younger woman passé?


Anthea Turner has announced her split from husband Grant Bovey after 13 years of marriage. Whilst there has been no official comment on the reason for the split, It is claimed he had been having an affair with a socialite 26 years his junior. Grant who previously left his former wife for TV presenter Anthea, is said to have started the extra-marital relationship whilst Anthea was pursuing a career in Canada.

Whilst a man having an affair with a younger woman may seem like a familiar event, research by leading extra-marital dating website appears to show an emerging trend in Men and Women looking to have an extra-marital relationship with someone their own age. The majority of members are looking for a relationship with someone who they can form a deep emotional and intellectual bond with, as well as a physical one. A shocking 78% of men and 82% of women of the 800,000 members of Illicit Encounters are actively looking for an affair with a partner in their own age range (A maximum of 10 years older/younger).

Spokesperson for Mike Taylor said: “There are multiple reasons why people seek relationships outside of their marriage, whether it is due to getting married to young, drifting apart or economical reasons. It is also not unusual for couples to come under strain whilst one of them is away from home for long periods of time. Our members are not looking to breakup their marriages, just to fulfil something that is missing from within their relationship be it physical or emotional. They understand it is unlikely they will find fulfilment with someone who is vastly different in age or intellect from themselves.”

In an interview earlier this year, Anthea said she accepted part of the blame for her marital problems, admitting that ‘Long periods apart are never good for a healthy relationship’ however the results of a OnePol survey, reviled that only 21% of married women could forgive and move passed an affair, whilst in comparison 27% of men could forgive a marital indiscretion. member, James (54) from London, said: “Having heard about the story I think it is unlikely that Grant was looking to fulfil an long-term emotional void by having an affair with a younger woman. It was most likely just an affair of opportunity. When I have had affairs in the past with much younger women they often do not last long term, and leave both of us dissatisfied. Women who I have met around my own age are more likely to share my interests and I can have interesting conversations with them.”


*The survey by OnePoll for of 4,000 members of the public revealed that a total of 27% of married men would stay with their partner through infidelity compared with only 21% of married women.
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