“I’ll have another round please!” Women Declare Bartenders as the UK’s Sexiest Workers


Bartenders, throw your towel cloths in the air and wave them like you just don’t care – you’ve just been voted the UK’s sexiest workers! The news comes from a survey by IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading and longest running dating site for married people.

Of the 2000 women who were surveyed, 15% declared their infatuation for Britain’s bartenders. Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters, Christian Grant, said: “Bartenders are hot. Bars, pubs and clubs are always conscious of their employees’ appearance, so it’s no surprise to find that these venues are the perfect melting pot of buff men.”

Lily, a 30-year-old actress from London, said: “A muscular guy in a tight shirt serving me alcohol…sounds like I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

Grant adds: “It can get a little too awkward for bartenders sometimes. When you’ve got guys and gals vying for your attention left right and center, it can make the already difficult task of serving drinks to a packed venue a little unbearable.

It’s particularly bad around the Christmas period. Everybody is a little too jolly, with bartenders having to carry out the odd bloke or two who’ve overestimated their ability to hold their drink, having that one Jägerbomb too many.”

Not far behind bartenders on IllicitEncounters’ survey were gardeners, closely followed by fire officers.

The full results are available below:

Sexiest Profession Percentage
Bartender 15%
Gardener 13%
Fire Officer 12%
Lifeguard 11%
Musician 10%
Other 10%
Artist 9%
Teacher 7%
Chef 6%
Doctor 4%
Entrepreneur 3%

It’s not all fun and games, however, as the unsexiest professions were also revealed.

If you’re a truck or bus driver, I’m afraid you’ve received the unwanted accolade of least sexy profession in the UK.

“What is less sexy than driving a bus or a truck? Nothing, apparently,” says Grant. “We’re all appreciative of the work that these people do, but that doesn’t translate well when it comes to how hot we perceive them to be.”

Among the truck and bus drivers were waste collectors, traffic wardens, and funeral directors.

The full results are available below:

Unsexiest Profession Percentage
Truck/Bus Driver 16%
Waste Collector 15%
Traffic Warden 13%
Funeral Director 11%
Other 11%
Sewage Worker 10%
Fast Food Worker 8%
Pizza Delivery Driver 6%
Butcher 5%
Janitor 3%
Politician 2%


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