No to Businessmen, Builders voted best to build a relationship with!


According to new research released by the UK’s largest extra-marital affairs site, women prefer Tradesman over white-collared workers.
The affairs site surveyed 1800 women asking them which occupation they would most like to have a relationship with. Out of 15 occupation fields, Tradesmen ranked top with just over a quarter of the vote.

In second place came ‘Arts and Design’ with 12% of the vote and third place Accountancy & Finance (7%).

Out of the 15 occupation fields Retail (1%), Hospitality (2%) and those working in the Public Sector (2%) fared the lowest.

The biggest difference between ‘Tradesmen’ and the other listed occupations is that their jobs are the most physically demanding. Perhaps those in the more mentally demanding jobs are less emotionally available because their day job demands a higher level of mental ability – leaving less room to enjoy this within their personal lives.

Those working in ‘Arts and Design’ coming second reinforces the idea that Artists are very emotive individuals that are able to immerse themselves in a relationship on an emotional level.

What is interesting however is that ‘Accountancy and Finance’ scored third. Finance workers tend to have significantly higher salaries – suggesting that women may subconsciously class money and power highly as people working in this environment are not particularly seen to exhibit emotional availability.

Sonia a 36 year old current member on the site said “Tradesmen for sure. They are cheeky and flirty and great banter. I much prefer the personality of a plumber or carpenter over some high flying executive who will only be seeing me to fuel his own ever-expanding ego. A businessman also spends all day talking or evaluating things at work, the last thing they want is to come home and talk some more. I think builders are less pretentious and more genuine in general. I imagine they would be physically fitter than someone stuck at their desk all day.”

Spokesperson for Claire Page comments “Tradesmen are constantly surrounded by men, which means that when they are in female company they’re going to put in a lot more effort. Tradesmen also seek more traditional qualities in a partner, someone that is nurturing and affectionate, therefore they need to be more emotionally attune to attract these sorts of women. An office worker on the other hand is constantly around females therefore they may put in a lot less effort having been surrounded by women all day. They also compete with dominating women in the workforce and will treat them similarly to their male counterparts; this tends to spill out into their personal lives where they may act emotionally detached.

Basic instincts play a huge part here too; we are naturally more attracted to the rugged handy-man over the meterosexual businessman. Women hardly fantasize over a skinny man grasping his suitcase on the way to work; we’re more likely to daydream over the muscular hunk fitting our new boiler!”

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