One in Three Affair Seekers Would Cheat with Someone ‘Off Limits’


New research by the UK’s largest married dating site has shed light on why so many high profile celebrities are tempted into affairs with people who are closest to them. With a third of affair seekers admitting they would be willing to cheat with a husbands or wife’s close relative. surveyed 2000 of it’s members posing the question ‘Have you ever been tempted to have an illicit encounter with your partners relative such as a brother or sister in law?’ Out of the 2000 members an extraordinary 34% members answered ‘Yes’.

Out of the members admitting they have encountered temptation with someone close to them, an astonishing 11% also admitted that they have first hand experience of dalliance with a spouse’s family member.

It is very interesting that such a large percentage of people have fantasized about being unfaithful with someone so close to them, after all it is entering very dangerous territory. Perhaps it is the thrill and spontaneity of doing something that is regarded as ‘forbidden’ that entices people to want to pursue something which is deemed taboo. The other shocking revelation is that 11% of members surveyed have had some form of casual contact with a close family relative – suggesting that this is not as uncommon as we are led to believe.

Julie from Norfolk, a member who uses the site said ‘It started with a kiss. My partner and I hosted a BBQ at our place. Everyone left and me and my brother-in-law helped put my husband to bed. Afterwards we decided to have one last drink on the patio, one minute we’re chatting, next thing I know our lips were locked and the rest is history. It was passion like I’ve never experienced before, that moment I realised I’ve been trying to suppress a desire that had been brewing for 10 years, and he admitted that he always had always a thing for me too’

Claire Page spokesperson for remarked ‘Everybody wants a taste of the forbidden fruit. Cheating with a husband or wife’s family member isn’t that unusual. Ryan Giggs had an 8 year affair with his brother Rhodri’s wife, and now were told that Sally Bercow has been at it with her husbands cousin! The ease is there, you don’t need to go looking for an affair – a potential lover is readily available. Though, to have a successful love affair – it’s probably a better idea to find someone that your partner doesn’t know.

I can completely understand how this kind of situation may arise, if your constantly faced with your husbands even hotter brother, how many times can you possibly stop yourself?

Spending a lot of time with someone you’re expected to suppress feelings for, sometimes boundaries can be a little blurred – mix that in with an insatiable longing and your heading for the adulterous train, all aboard!’

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