Britons Vote on Sexiest Celebrity Chefs


Nigella Lawson and James Martin have topped a poll on sexiest celebrity chefs according to new research released today by the UK’s largest married dating site.

The affairs site polled 750 women and 700 men to vote on their celebrity chef crush with James Martin topping the poll with 29% of the vote and Nigella Lawson with 56%.

In the male category Gordon Ramsay came second with 20% of the vote, and in joint third place Jamie Oliver (11%) and Marco Pierre White (11%)

In the female category Rachel Khoo came in second with 13%, and third place Loraine Pascale (9%)

James Martin winning suggests his straightforward, down to earth and possibly his northern charm appeals to a large majority of women. It is surprising though that the alpha-male of the bunch Gordon Ramsay didn’t fare better. What came as a shock, however, is Jamie Oliver received a significantly small amount of votes even though he was voted the nation’s greatest celebrity chef of all time in a recent poll commissioned by The Hundred-Foot Journey.

It is also interesting that 55 year old Nigella Lawson beat the younger and fresher faced Rachel Khoo who is only 34, indicating that age is nothing but a number when it comes to levels of attractiveness. The fact that Nigella Lawson also has a history of controversy didn’t seem to deter the public vote, with alleged drug use and advocating fur to add to her media portfolio she is seen to have a rebellious streak, whereas Rachel Khoo comes across as the sweet girl next door with no bad publicity.

Spokesperson for Claire Page said “ I’m astounded that Gordon didn’t win. He is dauntless and self-assured and his personality speaks volumes. Personally, I’m completely hooked on watching him take charge in the kitchen, and I’d place my bets that it’s a similar event in the bedroom! Forget Christian Grey, Gordon Ramsay any day!”

Sacré bleu – Rachel Khoo? More like Rachel Who, according to the results. It is Nigella Lawson that steals the nations hearts. An absolute beauty, quirky and mesmerising to watch; women want to be her and men want to marry her; the proof is in the pudding!

As a nation we are fascinated with celebrity chefs, after all food and sex are kindred; everybody knows that food has aphrodisiac qualities – think about it, champagne, chocolate and strawberries? It’s a recipe for romance.”

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